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Why the Mercedes A Class is an A Grade for Short-Term Leasing

Mercedes A-Class

Since the Mercedes-Benz A Class had its major refresh in 2018, its been a popular choice for our short-term car lease customers with the majority of customers jumping from the dependable Volkswagen Golf.

But what makes the Mercedes A Class popular?

The fourth-generation of the Mercedes A Class was launched in 2018, it was a major facelift when compared to the old model and introduced the MBUX system, which is a fantastic visual delight when you need information from the Sat Nav or even parking.

Having made its debut at the 2018 Geneva Motorshow, it was obvious that Mercedes really want to impress customers who were driving in their competitors vehicles such as the BMW 1 series, the VW Golf and the Audi A3.


Even as standard, the Mercedes A Class comes with 2x 7 inch displays, cruise control, 16″ Alloy Wheels, Keyless Entry and LED daylight running lights.

Customers can opt to go up the trim levels or add optional equipment which include a larger 10.25″ display, head-up display, augmented reality sat nav and Apple CarPlay.


Mercedes offers a wide range of petrol and diesel options with different power outputs. Our most popular models on short-term car leasing is the A180 and A200 petrol, along with the A180d.

Most of our clients opt for the auto version and the AMG Line trim model.

Top 3 things we love about the A-Class

There are so many more than 3 things we love about the Mercedes A-Class, but lets focus on what really turns our heads:

  1. The augmented reality sat nav – using on-board cameras, the intellignet satellite navigation uses graphics to over lay external camera footage to clearly show you the way, at first you feel its gimmicky, but when you negociate tricky roundabouts, it comes into its own.
  2. Feels bigger than it is – For a medium sized hatchback, the car feels like you’re driving something like the E-class. But there is plenty of room inside for suitcases and 4 adults. In the rear, you can fit 2 large Isofix childseats without an issue.
  3. The Automatic Gearbox – Whilst we all love to drive a manual car every now and then, the 7-speed auto in the A-class is really smooth on top of this, the sterring wheel mounted gear selector leaves the centre nice and clear.

Why Short-Term Car Lease?

Whilst the A-Class is available on both short-term and long-term solutions (see Find a Car Lease), many people like to use the short-term program so that they can have the flexibility not traditionally offered with 2/3 year car leases or a PCP arrangment.

Short-term leases and car subscriptions are also ideal for new-start employees or business who see seasonal trends. Some of our customers just like to change their car on a regular basis utiising the Car Subscription service.

Find out more information.

If you’d like more information on the Mercedes A-Class on either long term or short-term lease solutions, please contact the team on 01332 290173 or complete the online form below.

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