Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo on Short-Term Lease


Brand awareness is everything and we understand how important it is for you to be seen on the road, whilst getting your van signage right, it is also possible to get a van that really stands out… Let us introduce to you the VW ID. Buzz Cargo!

Short-Term Van Leases

We won’t go into too much detail about our short-term van leases, but this is effectively the same as leasing a commercial vehicle over 2/3 years but over a shorter period. Of course there are pro’s and con’s, but by opting for a short-term lease, you can sus out how practical a vehicle is for your business or you might be a new startup business who cannot get credit in the traditional way, this is the perfect solution.

About the VW ID. Buzz Cargo

The VW ID. Buzz Cargo is fully electric and offers around 250 miles from a full charge and based on WLTP, taking a look at the EV Database this could mean real life range of around 150 to 215 miles depending on quite a few factors.

Built on the same platform as the VW Id.3, ID.4 ad ID.5 means that driving this commercial vehicle, is more or less like driving a car, in facr we absolutely love the driving position and Volkswagen has almost replicated the position from the Classic VW Bus.

Power is from a 201bhp eletric motor that drives the rear wheels, it has a single speed transmission and the gear selector is on the steering wheel, very much like modern Mercedes cars.

They feature Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Lane Assist, Emergency Braking, Front and Rear Parking Sensors and Cruise Control, all mod-cons to helpmake your job easier.

Running Costs

How much a vehicles costs to run is important for all company sizes and the beauty of the VW ID. Buzz Cargo is that it is built on a electric vehicle platform whereas other brands have taken out their diesel engines and shoe horned an electric motor and battery pack into the vehicle.

On-board is a 77kWh battery and as we’ve already mentioned, on WLTP figures should give you around 252 miles of range, as it stands at the point of publishing, it has the longest range of any commerical vehicle currently available today in the UK.

As with other ID models, the ID.Buzz Cargo has various driving modes to help retain as much energy as possible, this includes brake regen and when placed into ‘B’ it is possible to drive the van with just one pedal.

Another positive is that the VW ID.Buzz Cargo has fast-charging capability, so you can take advantage of the ever increasing rapid chargers that are appearing across the UK. It is possible to use upto 170kW chargers and can top the battery up from 5% to 80% in around 30 minutes.

When at the office or at home, if you gave a 7kW charger, you could see a full charge from 5% in around 11 hours or those blessed with an 11kW wall charger could see it reduced to 7hrs and 30 minutes.

Cargo Space

The VW ID. Buzz Cargo isn’t the most spacious electric commercial vehicle in the marketplace, whereas it looks the part, it may let you down in terms of internal space. Volkswagen claims space for two Euro Pallets.

There os a ,aximum volume of 3.9 cubic metres, in the future this could change as Volkswagen will be introducing a Long Wheelbase (LWB) version in the not to distant future.

Floor lenght is 2,208mm if you have the tailgate version and 2,232mm if it is the twin-door version. You do get a plastic bulkhead separating the cabin from the cargo area. Floor width at its maximum is 1,217mm.


As we’ve already mentioned, we love the driving position of the VW ID. Buzz Cargo and with the 201bhp electric motor with 310Nm of torque, the van feels very nippy, especially around town.

From the minute your foot hits the accelerator the power is there right through to around 60-65mph. Yet at all times the vehicle feels ultra-smooth to drive and somedays you will forget that you are driving a van at all.

There is little wind noise and insulation must be excellent as you can hardly hear the road.


Unless you opt for the Land Rover Defender Hard Top, you will not get a high quaility interior in most other vans including Volkswagen’s own Transporter. The dashboard is more black plastic (car version is cream) and the upholstery is lovely on the seats.

The dashboard has a large 10″ touchscreen which has various features, the infotainment is the only area where it feels that it could let the van down, but if you utitilise Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you’ll be very happy with the system.

Behind the steering wheel is a small digital display for your odomenter and speedometer, it also provides range.

On the VW ID.Buzz, you get three seats and is comfortable and large enough to accommodate three adults. Oddly the drivers seat is heated, yet the passenger seats are not.

There is plenty of storage space in the cabin include large door bins and a storage tray on top of the dashboard. Of course, the usual USB ports for charging.

Car-like features include climate control, heated electric door mirrors, electric windows, front and rear parking sensors and of course the infotainment system.

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More Information

If you would like any further information on the VW ID. Buzz Cargo or our short-term van leases, please contact the team on 01332 290173 or fill in the ENQUIRY FORM at the bottom of this article.

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