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Rolls Royce Car LogoRolls-Royce was founded in 1973 after it separated from Rolls-Royce Limited. Volkswagen group purchased Rolls-Royce Motors from Vickers in 1980 and then sold it on to BMW in 2002.

The British Government sold Rolls Royce Motors in 1973, after Rolls-Royce Limited was nationalised due to its near collapse in 1971. This was partly caused due to the development of the Rolls-Royce RB211 jet engine. It left the original Rolls-Royce Ltd to concentrate on Jet Engine Manufacturing.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited as it is now known is wholly owned by BMW, and operates from Goodwood in West Sussex. Although Rolls-Royce marque has been used since 1906, the current company of BMW has no direct relationship to cars produced before 2003. The Rolls Royce grill shape was aqquired by BMW from Volkswagen group.

Rolls Royce produces a number of beautiful vehicles including the Phantom which has a couple of different model guises including the saloon, the drophead coupe and the coupe, The Ghost which is much smaller than the phantom but retains the looks and the luxury of its bigger brother and the Wraith, introduced in 2013 as a coupe. It is powered by a 623 bhp, twin turbocharged V12 engine connected to an 8 speed gearbox which as an option can be guided by GPS.

For more information about the current Rolls-Royce range, please visit their website: Rolls-Royce Car Range

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