Peugeot is a French Car Manufacturer and although the company was founded in 1810 (originally as a Coffee Mill Company), they didn’t start producing cars until 1882. Armand Peugeot became interested in cars and after meeting with Gottlieb Daimler, he was convinced that it was a way forwards.

The first Peugeot vehicle was a 3 wheel steam powered car and was produced in 1889, only 4 were ever made. In 1890 after a meeting with Gottlieb Daimler and Emile Levassor, steam was exchaned for a petrol fuelled engine build by Panhard under Daimler licence.

By 1899 Peugeot had produced over 400 vehicles with the early models given “Type” numbers. Peugeot were also the first vehicle manufacturer to fit rubber tyres.

Peugeot was an ealry adopter to motor racing with Albert Lemaitre winning the first ever motor race in 1894 Paris-Rouen race. It was in a 3hp Peugeot. Lemaitre finished in 3 mins 30 secos behind a steam powered car which was eventually disqualified. In the 1895 Paris-Rouen race three peugeots were entered and were beaten by Panhard’s car, this race also marked the debut of the Michelin Pneumatic Tyre in racing.

Peugeot now has a wide range of cars and commercial vehicles, and is part of PSA Peugeot Citroen.

For more information on the Peugeot car range, please visit their website: Peugeot Car Range

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