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Honda Car LogoHonda Motor Co Ltd was founded in Hamamatsu in October 1946, although the company itself wasn’t incorporated until 24th September 1948. It was founded by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa, the former had an interest in automobiles and his hobby was to tune cars and enter them in competitions.

Honda started producing cars in 1963 with the introduction of the Honda T360, a car truck built for the japanese market. This was followed by a two door roadster the Honda S500. Over the years Honda has produced a wide variety of vehicles including the Honda NSX, an all aluminium, mid engined sports car.

Honda has also a history in Formula One, but due to the global economic crisis in 2008, this was taken over by Ross Branw and renamed Brawn GP. Honda have officially announced it will return to Formula One as an engine supplier to McLaren.

For more information on the Honda Car Range, please visit their website: Honda Car Range


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Rob Lowe – Volkswagen Amarox Pickups x 3

“Massive thanks to Gordon for helping me get 3 Volkswagen Amaroks for my lads, it was easy to do and sort with lots of help along the way. Even got some tips from them about insurance

Rob Lowe, Mansfield”

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