Ford Car LogoFord was founded by Henry Ford on the 16th June 1903. Although many people in Britain think Ford is British, it is in fact American owned with its headquarters based in Michigan, Detroit.

Ford introduced process for large scale manufacturing of cars with the introduction of moving assembly lines, something that has been adopted worldwide.

Ford has previously owned a number of different car manufacturers including Land Rover, Jaguar and Volvo, all of which have been sold on. With LR and Jaguar being sold to Tata.

In February 2002, Ford ended car prudction in the UK, the first time in 90 years that Ford cars had not been made in Great Britain. Dagenham is the most famous of Ford plants in the UK, opening in 1931 and has produced over 10 million cars, although car production at Dagenham ceased in 2002, it continued to assemble over 1.4 million engines per annum. In 1968 Ford Sewing Machinists went on strike to raise awareness for equal pay for women, resulting eventually in the implementation of the Equal Pay Act 1970.

Ford have on offer a wide range of Cars and Vans, from the Ford Ka to the Ford Mondeo. They also have a fantastic van range with the Ford Tranist being the most popular LCV ever built.

For more information on the Ford Van range, please visit their website: Ford Car Range

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