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Understanding UK Car Registrations

How to understand UK car registrations

Many of our customers, family and friends get confused when trying to work out an age of a car, so we thought we’d put together a guide to use to work out a vehicle registration year to help impress your friends.

Current Registration System (2001 onwards)

The current registration system came into force in 2001, it is made up of letters at the beginning denoting the area in which the vehicle was registered, 2 numbers which are the year of registration and the last three letters are random.

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What year is my car?

To find out what year your car falls into (excludes cherished plates), please use our table below:

A reg year1963
B reg year1964
C reg year1965
D reg year1966
E / F reg year1967
F / G reg year1968
G / H reg year1969
H / J reg year1970
J / K reg year1971
K / L reg year1972
L / M reg year1973
M / N reg year1974
N / P reg year1975
P / R reg year1976
R / S reg year1977
S / T reg year1978
T / V reg year1979
V / W reg year1980
W / X reg year 1981
X / Y reg year1982
Y / A reg year1983
A / B reg year1984
B / C reg year1985
C / D reg year1986
D / E reg year1987
E / F reg year1988
F / G reg year1989
G / H reg year1990
H / J reg year1991
J / K reg year1992
K / L reg year1993
L / M reg year1994
M / N reg year1995
N / P reg year1996
P / R reg year1997
R / S reg year1998
S / T / V reg year 1999
V / W / X reg year 2000
X / Y / 51 reg year2001
02 / 52 reg year2002
03 / 53 reg year2003
04 / 54 reg year2004
05 / 55 reg year2005
06 / 56 reg year2006
07 / 57 reg year2007
08 / 58 reg year2008
09 / 59 reg year2009
10 / 60 reg year2010
11 / 61 reg year2011
12 / 62 reg year2012
13 / 63 reg year2013
14 / 64 reg year2014
15 / 65 reg year2015
16 / 66 reg year2016
17 / 67 reg year2017
18 / 68 reg year2018
19 / 69 reg year2019
20 reg plateMarch to August 2020
70 reg plateSeptember 2020 to February 2021
21 reg plateMarch to August 2021
71 reg plateSeptember 2021 to March 2022

How does the new registration system work?

The old system used gave a letter either at the beginning or the end, this indicated the year the vehicle was registered. You can use our table above to work this out.

The numbers and the letters that either followed or were shown before were randomly generated, however, two of the letters denoted where the vehicle was registered in the UK.

The new system is made up of the following:

Local Memory Tag

The first two letters show where the vehicle was registered, the first letter denoting where the vehicle was registered and the second letter is specific to the DVLA office in that area.

Age Identifier

The following two numbers denote the year in which the vehicle was registered. This is rounded up to the nearest 6-month period.

For example, September 2002 would be a 52 plate and March 2002 would be an 02 plate. March 2020 would be a 20 plate and September 2020 would be a 70 plate.

Random Letters

The final 3 letters are randomly generated by the system and along with the other digits, makes up the unique registration number for that vehicle.

When do the new number plates come out?

New plates come out twice a year on the 1st March and the 1st September. In the old days plates used to come out every August and was changed to help car dealers have an even sales year with twice-yearly releases.

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