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Top 5 Apple CarPlay Apps

With technology and our smartphones being well-integrated into everyday life, it wasn’t going to be long until an extension of our iPhones made it into our car.


For those not already in the know, Apple’s CarPlay is the latest way to integrate Siri and your iPhone apps into your vehicle’s dashboard.


Obviously, there are concerns about safety so the new iOS 11 Apple update will feature a Do Not Disturb Whilst Driving option, which will mean that notifications will be turned off for the duration whilst a driver is behind the wheel. Should a driver try to turn their phone on, they’ll get a notification reminding them that they are operating a moving vehicle. The iPhone will instead send automatic replies to any messages although the option to get urgent messages from select people will still be available.


With more than 40 car manufacturers selling over 100 models with CarPlay connectivity this new technology will literally be at our fingertips.


So, what are the Top 5 Apps for CarPlay we hear you ask, well, we wouldn’t want to disappoint…


Well, it’s first important to point out that Apple don’t allow just any apps to be developed into CarPlay apps, the apps for CarPlay must follow strict guidelines and requirements for in-car use so don’t expect to be playing games or watching videos whilst driving!


So, at number 1 – Podcasts. Listen to your favourite podcasts on the move.


Audiobooks is in at the number 2 spot. Learn a new language or catch up on that favourite novel, it’s all a possibility whilst you’re on those long, monotonous journeys.


Spotify found its way to number 3, although a subscription is required, or be bombarded with adverts! Otherwise listen to as much music as your heart desires.


Stitcher, which allows you to listen to all your favourite radio shows, has made the number 4 position.


Finally, at number 5, you can get all the news you require live on the CBS app.


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