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The 3 Best Things with the Mercedes GLC Coupe

The Mercedes GLC in Coupe and Estate (SUV) guise has always been a popular choice on our short term car lease options, but over the last few weeks our enquiries and deliveries on the GLC Coupe has increased dramtically.

Introduced initially in 2015, the GLC replaced the GLK-Class, something that never quite reached the UK unless imported. This popular compact SUV was based on the C Class sized Mercedes-Benz.

In 2020, Mercedes-Benz gave the GLC a minor facelift, which included the updated MBUX Operating System with the “Hey Mercedes” feature, you either love or hate.

Mercedes GLC in Silver

It also included the 12.3″ digital cockpit with the ability to display and change the look and feel of the speedometer, rev counter nad even display the Sat Nav.

With the Mercedes GLC Coupe being high up on the enquiry list, we thought we’d list the top 3 things that we here at Cocoon Vehicles, love!

3 Best things on the Mercedes GLC Coupe

  1. The look of the Mercedes GLC is both full of Mercedes SUV chunks and a smooth and curved back rear end, to a hatchback style boot and the space internally to go with it. Whilst BMW has its X4, we still think that the Mercedes looks much better.
  2. The MBUX is a system that people love or hate, say the word “Mercedes” and you’ll be fighting for a few minutes to get the system to cancel. Alexa-Style commands can actually give you the information you need in a second. From changing the Radio station, to altering the temperature. Its a clever system that gets better with time. Although, we still prefer to press the voice activation button.
  3. The engines cannot be missed here and at the monent on our short term car lease fleet we’re running the GLC 300 Petrol, the GLC 220d Diesel and the odd GLC 300d. With the Petrol being our favourite of the three engine choices, giveing a mixture of power, Mild Hybrid system and pretty good fuel economy.

What is the GLC Coupe’s competition?

Whilst we’ve already mention the BMW X4, we would also suggest that the Range Rover Evoque and the Porsche Macan is also a close race with their own distinct looks. Whilst Land Rover don’t offer the Coupe version of the Evoque anymore, the styling isn’t full on SUV.

Mercedes GLC on Short Term Car Lease

We currently offer (Correct as of 1st June 2020) the GLC Coupe (and the SUV version) on our short term car lease fleet. These can be taken on fixed contracts, car subscription services or on our flexi-fleet service.

We have a range of cars both in stock and on-order with an easy application process and quick delivery, in some cases 3-5 working days.

Looking for a Mercedes GLC on a long term lease?

If you are looking for a longer term contract, then we can use our funders to help find you the best deal on your Mercedes GLC, whether its a business or a personal application.

We have access to Mercedes UK stock and can get you something that’s coming through or we can put something on order. All of these long term applications require credit checking by the external funder.

Get your quote today by using our Find a Car Lease quotation request system, just click the highlighted link.

Find out more

If you need any further infomation on the Mercedes GLC, please get in touch with the team on 01332 290173 or complete the online form below.

Our team can also provide information on our car subscription service, flexi-rent fleet and fixed short term car leases.

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