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Today, April 23rd, it’s St Georges Day! Whilst we don’t celebrate it like the Irish celebrate St Patrick’s Day, it is still an important day in English Heritage and Culture. A time for people to come together and celebrate their country and history.

So as part of the St George’s Day celebrations, we’re offering a extra special offer. All you need to do is commit to a minimum 180 days on any of our car subscription offers on our GL and MD reference vehicles and we’ll charge you a documentation fee of just £23 plus VAT (Based on the date of course and this does not apply to non-status or expat applications). Just quote ST GEORGES DAY when you apply online and the team will mark it on the CRM system.

Here are a few vehicles that fall into the above criteria:

Car Examples


Golf Hatchback
VW Golf Hatchback available with 833 miles per month on a Flexible Car Contract
Specification Includes: Car2X Communication, Adaptive Cruise Control, Virtual Cockpit, Digital Cockpit, Satellite Navigation, Bluetooth, DAB Digital Radio, Driver Alert System, Lane Assist, Lane Change Assistance, Mobile Phone Interface, Wireless Smartphone Charger, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, USB-C Port, Travel Assist, Front Differential Lock, Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror, GTI Style Bumpers, LED Matrix Headlights, LED Headlights, Illuminated Front Grille, Privacy Glass, Climate Control, Front Sports Seats, ISOFIX, Tyre Pressure Monitors, Alloy Wheels, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, Sports Suspension
Availability: In Stock
From: £849.00 + VAT p/m
From: £1018.80 inc. VAT p/m


A Class Saloon
A200 AMG Line Premium Plus
Mercedes-Benz A Class Saloon available with 833 miles per month on a Flexible Car Contract
Specification Includes: Touchscreen, Attention Assist, Car Wash Mode, Direct Steering, Bluetooth, Dynamic Select, Head-up Display, MBUX, Satellite Navigation, Hey Mercedes, Augmented Reality for Navigation, Smartphone Integration, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Traffic Sign Assist, Lane Assist, Wireless Smartphone Charger, Lowered Comfort Suspension, DAB Digital Radio, Mercedes Benz Advanced Sound System, Adaptive Brake Lights, AMG Bodystyling, Diamond Radiator Grille, LED Headlights, Multibeam LED Headlights, High Beam Assist, Panoramic Sunroof, Privacy Glass, Climate Control, Heated Front Seats, Ambient Lighting, ISOFIX, Keyless Go, Light and Sight Pack, Mirror Package, Parking Pack, 360 Degree Camera, Reversing Camera, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, Seat Comfort Pack, Active Bonnet, Tyre Pressure Monitor System, Guard 360, Alloy Wheels
Availability: In Stock
From: £599.00 + VAT p/m
From: £718.80 inc. VAT p/m


3 Series Saloon
330e M Sport
BMW 3 Series Saloon available with 1750 miles per month on a Flexible Car Contract
Specification Includes: Plug-in Hybrid Technology, Satellite Navigation, Bluetooth, DAB Digital Radio, Active Guard Plus, Attentiveness Assist, BMW iDrive, BMW Iconic Sounds, Driving Experience Switch, Virtual Cockpit, Voice Control, Standard Suspension, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Acoustic Glazing, High Beam Assist, Heated Washer Jets, Climate Control, Ambient Lighting, Cruise Control, Speed Limiter, Front Sports Seats, Heated Front Seats, Connected Pack Professional, M Aerodynamics Package, M Sport Exterior Styling Pack, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, Reversing Camera, Tyre Pressure Monitor, ISOFIX, LED Headlights, Parking Assistant Pack, Alloy Wheels
Availability: In Stock
From: £899.00 + VAT p/m
From: £1078.80 inc. VAT p/m

History of St Georges Day

In the annals of English history, few figures evoke as much national pride and admiration as St. George, the legendary dragon-slaying hero who has come to symbolise the essence of English courage and valour. Celebrated annually on April 23rd, St. George’s Day stands as a testament to England’s rich heritage, its traditions, and its enduring spirit.

Origins and Legends

The origins of St. George’s Day trace back to early Christian traditions venerating Saint George, a Roman soldier of noble birth who lived during the 3rd century AD. Despite facing persecution for his Christian faith under the Roman Emperor Diocletian, George steadfastly refused to renounce his beliefs. Legend has it that he valiantly defended Christians and slayed a fearsome dragon, a deed that secured his place as England’s patron saint.

Medieval Reverence

During the Middle Ages, St. George’s Day gained widespread popularity in England, becoming an occasion for grand festivities, religious observances, and feats of chivalry. Knights and nobles honoured St. George as their patron, emulating his courage and gallantry on the battlefield. His emblem, the red cross on a white background, became synonymous with English identity and was later incorporated into the Union Jack.

Decline and Revival

In the centuries that followed, St. George’s Day gradually waned in significance, overshadowed by other holidays and cultural shifts. However, in recent times, there has been a concerted effort to revive the celebration and rekindle national pride in England’s patron saint. Communities across the country now mark the day with parades, reenactments, and traditional ceremonies, showcasing England’s rich tapestry of history and culture.

Modern Observance

Today, St. George’s Day is celebrated with a blend of ancient customs and contemporary festivities. From flag-raising ceremonies to medieval fairs, the day serves as an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to come together and honour their shared heritage. Traditional English dishes like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding grace dining tables, while pubs overflow with camaraderie and merriment.

Cultural Significance

Beyond its religious origins, St. George’s Day holds cultural significance as a symbol of English identity and resilience. It embodies the ideals of bravery, honour, and solidarity that have shaped the nation’s history and character. In an increasingly globalised world, the celebration of St. George’s Day serves as a reminder of England’s unique contributions to the tapestry of human civilization.

Looking to the Future

As England continues to evolve and embrace its multicultural identity, the observance of St. George’s Day takes on renewed importance. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the values that unite us and to celebrate the diverse heritage that enriches our society. Whether through solemn remembrance or joyous revelry, St. George’s Day remains a cherished tradition that inspires pride in all who call England home.

How to Celebrate St. George's Day

Fly the Flag: Embrace Patriotism

St. George’s Day, celebrated on April 23rd, offers a wonderful opportunity to showcase your patriotism by flying the English flag, also known as the St. George’s Cross. Whether you adorn your home, workplace, or local community with this iconic flag, its red cross on a white background symbolizes pride, unity, and heritage. Join fellow Englishmen and women in proudly displaying the flag to honor the patron saint of England and celebrate the nation’s rich history and culture.

Attend a Parade: Join Festive Gatherings

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit of St. George’s Day by attending local parades and celebrations. Across England, communities come together to commemorate this special day with colorful processions, music, and entertainment. From traditional marches featuring brass bands and flag bearers to lively street festivals with food stalls and performances, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Check local event listings and join in the revelry as proud participants or enthusiastic spectators, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Learn about St. George: Discover the Legend

Delve into the fascinating tale of St. George, the legendary figure whose bravery and chivalry have captured the imagination of generations. According to popular folklore, St. George was a Roman soldier who courageously fought against a ferocious dragon to rescue a princess and save her kingdom. His valiant deeds and unwavering faith earned him the status of a revered martyr and the patron saint of England. Explore the rich history, myths, and symbolism surrounding St. George through books, online resources, or guided tours of historical sites associated with his legacy. Gain a deeper appreciation for this iconic figure and the enduring traditions that honor his memory on St. George’s Day.

Cook English Food: Indulge in Culinary Delights

Celebrate St. George’s Day with a culinary feast featuring classic English dishes that pay homage to the nation’s gastronomic heritage. From hearty roasts and savory pies to delectable desserts and afternoon tea, there’s no shortage of delectable fare to savor. Whip up traditional favorites such as roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, or bangers and mash, paired with a refreshing pint of ale or a cup of Derbyshire Tea. For dessert, indulge in quintessential treats like sticky toffee pudding, Victoria sponge cake, or scones with clotted cream and jam. Share these delicious delights with family and friends, reveling in the flavors and traditions that define English cuisine.

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