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Short-Term Car Leases

Short-Term Car Leasing isn’t new, we’ve been offering flexible and fixed short-term car solutions since 2007 and we have a huge range to choose from.

We offer a couple of different types of short-term car lease from our popular month-to-month Car Subscription, Flexi-rent car hire (90 days plus) and our fixed Short Term Car Leases (6-12 month terms), find out more using the quick links below:

Fixed Short-Term Leases (6-12 Months)

Our fixed short-term car leases are excellent value over the term and gives you the ability to drive a brand new car over a period of 6 to 12 months. All cars are brand new, nearly new or pre-registered (pre-reg) and come with breakdown assistance, manufacturers warranty and road tax for the duration. Maintenance can be added as an optional extra.

We currently offer the following contract lengths:

Additional Details

The vehicles are either available in-stock or are on order and as stated on the website, the terms are dictated by the manufacturer and cannot be extended or reduced without penalties.

Vehicles are generally brand new or pre-registered and come from UK dealers. All of the vehicles come with breakdown assistance and manufacturers warranty and most vehicles can be delivered within 1-3 weeks.

Car Subscriptions

If you need an easy pay as you go car lease, then a vehicle subscription is an ideal service for both business and personal users. Take the vehicle for as little as 1 month or agree to a minimum qualifying period to gain access to the very best car subscription deals.

You can also take the same vehicle for up to 12 months without those awkward swapovers.

We currently offer the following brands:

Upgrade, Downgrade or Pause with Ease!

Hand the car back without penalties or upgrade/downgrade as you need! Most vehicles are in-stock ready to be collected. We can also delivery in England and Wales.

Our Car Subscriptions come with a minimum of 1,000 miles per month and additional mileage can be added to your contract easily.

If you need a car for 90 days or more, our Flexi-rental may be more beneficial; More Miles and Free Delivery in England and Wales

Flexible Car Contracts

Similar to a Car Subscription and cheaper than a traditional long-term car hire. A Flexible Car Contract is a great way for a business or an individual to run a very flexible car.

Cars can be taken for a minimum of a month or unlock additional savings by taking the vehicle for a minimum qualifying period.

When you take the vehicle for the minimum qualifying period you also get free delivery in England and Wales.

All of the vehicles come with a generous mileage allowance with the option to add additional mileage packages.

Maintenance comes as standard on some of the vehicles, but can be added for a monthly cost on those that don’t for true fixed-cost motoring.

Premium Vehicles

We operate only the best premium vehicles on our flexible car fleet from only the best car manufacturers available in the UK. Our strong relationship with funders and vehicle suppliers means our pricing is competitive.

We also work alongside fleet departments, football clubs & agents, VIP‘s, celebrities and corporates to make running a vehicle fleet super easy and efficient. Corporate accounts are available with consolidated invoicing for 5 plus vehicles.

Who is Short-Term Leasing aimed at?

Short-Term Car Leases are ideal for a number of purposes, for both individuals or companies, here are a few great reasons to use one of these types of car leases:

The list of uses can go on and on…

Benefits to Short-Term Car Leases

There are so many different reasons to use a short-term car lease personally or for your business, here are a few of our favourites:

Our short-term car lease solutions are extremely popular with our flexi-rental option being our customers favourite. Our service offers a great car with the backup needed, its so easy to expand or reduce your fleet with ease.

Expat Car Leases in the UK

If you’re coming to work, learn or live in the United Kingdom, obtaining credit as an Expat or Overseas visitor can prove extremely difficult.

But utilising our experienced underwriters and international credit checking facilities, we can help you get a vehicle on one of our short-term solutions easily. This can be done before you arrive in the UK or when you’ve settled in.

We have a great range of vehicles and you won’t be penalised for being a foreigner, it will help you get a set of wheels until you have built up a credit history in the UK where you can then move to a long-term car lease.

For more information on our Expat Car Leasing service, please click on the button below.

New Start Business?

If you’re a new start business, getting a tradtional contract hire or car lease can be difficult. But utilising our short-term car programmes, we can help you get mobile and your business moving.

Whether you are newly incorporated, you have negative shareholder funds or have an overseas parent company. Our experienced underwriters can help you get a credit line in place.

Transition to Long-Term Car Leases

If you know you eventually want to venture into a long term car lease, its no problem at all!

In fact, we can help you with the tranition from a short-term car to a traditional contract hire.

We offer a free find a car lease service, helping you shop the marketplace for your next car.

We have no less than 12 different funders as well as all of the manufacturer backed finace companies such as Alphabet, Daimler, PSA, RCI Finance, VWFS and Volvo Financial Services.

We search the funders to find you the best quotes based on your vehicle requirements and parameters, so you don’t need to do any searching.

On top of this, if you have a flexible car lease from ourselves, we will run this right up until you’ve got your shiny new wheels, so you don’t have to worry about being without a car.

Whether you are newly incorporated, you have negative shareholder funds or have an overseas parent company. Our experienced underwriters can help you get a credit line in place.

Don't Commit, Short-Term Lease it!

With Cocoon Vehicles

There are so many reasons to use Cocoon for your short-term car lease requirements.

Family run with an honest and upfront approach, we proud to display our charges, return conditions and more so you know what to expect.

All of our vehicles include 24hr national roadside assistance and manufacturers warranty. Maintenance can be included as an option on our fixed contracts whilst most our flexible and all of our car subscriptions include maintenance.

Short Term Car Lease contracts are ideal for companies who want to take on temporary staff or during probation period, or even individuals who receive a monthly car allowance.

Its great not to have to commit to a long-term contract, when so many factors can change.

For more information on our short term car lease options, please call the team on 01332 290173 or complete the ONLINE FORM below.

Business Benefits

The benefits of short-term car leases (and car subscriptions) for businesses are really strong. Apart from being able to cover probation periods or to stop the issues with grey fleets, business owners also have the following benefits:

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