Short Term Car Leasing

Short Term Car Leasing

We offer 2 types of Short Term Car Lease here at Cocoon Vehicles: Short Term Car Leasing; usually 5 to 12 months and Car Subscriptions; also known as Flexi-rent.

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Short Term Car Leasing

Short Term Car Lease

Short Term Car Leases are usually fixed contract and are offered on 5, 6, 7, 9 or 12 month contracts. They cannot be extended or reduced in length without penalties. Manufacturers dictate the length of the contract and maintenance is optional.

Most vehicles are brand new or pre-registered, with delivery mileage and can be delivered within 10-14 days, sometimes sooner.

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Car Subscriptions, 28 Day Car Lease and Flexi-rent

Flexible is the key word here, a product similar to Flexible Car Leasing – Take the vehicle for 28 days or more and unlock discounts when you commit to 90 days or more. Hand the car back without penalties or upgrade/downgrade as you need.

Most vehicles on the Flexi-rent programme are available in-Stock and ready for next day delivery (when a credit line is in place). Expat and Overseas visitors are welcome. Most vehicles come with maintenance so all you need to do is fuel and insure.

We offer the 3 month car lease with our best possible prices on a flexible arrangement, if you can commit to 6, 9 or 12 months take a look at the Short Term Car Lease; 6-12 month options.

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Short Term Car Leasing Explained

Depending which programme you choose on short term car leasing, depends on how we explain the differences.

With flexi-rent its just like taking a daily rental hire car for a longer term, but not paying the hire charges. With our fixed contracts its just like regular leasing but over a shorter time. We also offer 28 day car leasing which is renewable month by month to provide you true flexibility.

Using a cheap short term car lease can work out much better value than traditional daily rental, especially if you are a business or corporate with a fleet policy.

Who is Short Term Leasing For?

Short Term Car Leases suit a variety of needs for both individuals or businesses, such as:

  • – New Start Employees on probation periods
  • – Expats or Overseas visitors who require a vehicle for a set length
  • – Seasonal trends or projects in the work place
  • – Employee incentives, they do better, they get a better car.
  • – People who get bored with their cars quickly
  • – Long term holidays in the UK, we even do Meet and Greets
  • – Salary Sacrifice Schemes or Cash Equivalent instead of a company car

The list really does go on…

Benefits of Short Term Car Leasing

There are lots of reasons to consider short term car leasing, here is why you should consider signing up:

  • – Much cheaper than daily rental over the same period
    – No long term commitments, especially with the flexible option
  • – Update your vehicle as often as you want
  • – Delivery next day on flexible and when a credit line is in place
  • – Free Delivery in England and Wales
  • – Convertible for the summer, SUV for the winter
  • – New or Nearly New Cars

Its extremely popular for vehicles that are needed for 90 days or more, as that’s where the discounts come into play. You’ve also got a lot more reliability than running an old banger for 6 months.

New Business Start-ups and Non-Status

If you’re a new start business, getting traditional contract hire and leases is difficult. But we can utilise our short term programmes to help you get started. You may have negative shareholder funds or have a parent company overseas, either way we are here to help with Short Term Car Leasing.

We also offer a programme for Non-Status customers, you can find out more on the relevant page by clicking the highlighted link: Non-Status

Short Term Car Leasing with Cocoon

All of the vehicles include National Roadside Assistance and Manufacturers Warranty. Maintenance is included which also has the provision for Tyres, based on wear and tear – Unless specified on the listing.

The Short Term Car Leasing contracts are ideal for companies who want to take on temporary staff or during probation periods, or even individuals who receive a monthly car allowance.

For more information on Short Term Car Leasing or a quotation, please call the team on 01332 290173.

Latest Short Term Car Lease Offers

Mini Hatchback 1.5 Cooper Classic II 5dr Manual [SP]

Mini Hatchback 1.5 Cooper Classic II 5dr Manual [SP]

From price: £309 plus VAT

This is a 6 MONTH CONTRACT and includes 7,500 Miles over the duration of the contract.

Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback 1.4 75 Design [Non-Facelift] 5dr Manual

Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback 1.4 75 Design [Non-Facelift] 5dr Manual

From price: £309 plus VAT

This is a 12 MONTH CONTRACT and includes 12,000 Miles over the duration of the contract.

Audi E-Tron Estate 300kW 55 Quattro 95kWh [15k] 5dr Automatic [EL]

Audi E-Tron Estate 300kW 55 Quattro 95kWh [15k] 5dr Automatic [EL]

From price: £879 plus VAT

This is a 12 MONTH CONTRACT and includes 9,996 Miles over the duration of the contract.


What our customers are saying

We have been clients of Cocoon for just over 2 years.. we discovered them online at a time in our lives when historical credit problems were still stopping us from moving on with our lives.. we desperately needed to change our car, we had a good level of income, but because our credit file at the time was less than perfect, we were hitting brick walls at every corner…

After speaking to Paul ( one of the Directors) we were assured that they could help.. and boy did they…..

Within 2 weeks of our initial chat we were driving a brand spanking new Audi A3…. the monthly price (although slightly higher than mainstream lenders) was affordable to us and it literally changed things for us – someone had taken a chance on us – just what we needed……

We then went on to have 2 more cars from them.. a VW Golf and An Audi Q3 – both brand new… by keeping up the payments and being reliable clients, we managed to rebuild our credit ratings

Now after just over 2 years and 3 cars later Paul has managed to secure us mainstream finance directly with Mercedes and we have just taken delivery of a Mercedes GLC over a 3 year deal – at mainstream lender prices too….

We cannot fault Cocoon and all the staff there for their impeccable service along with their belief and trust in us…. it came at a time when almost nobody would even look at us, let alone take a chance with us…. If you are having credit problems and need a car, there is nobody that we would recommend more than Cocoon….

Paul and Donna Gardner

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