Looking for a short term car lease with no credit checks?

Short Term Car Lease – No Credit Checks

If you are looking for a short term car lease with No Credit Checks, then we may have the answer for you.

There may be a few reasons why you don’t want a credit check, this could be because you think you may fail due to a missed payment, CCJ or ex-bankrupt. You may have failed businesses or some people just don’t want a check carried out as they are applying for a business.

Short Term Car Lease with No Credit Checks

We do carry out credit checks!

We are being open and honest with you and we do carry out credit checks on all of our customers who want a vehicle, in particular our Short Term Car Leases. But if you have bad credit or payment issues, be honest and let us know.

We have a specialist team of Underwriters who look at Non-status applications on a daily basis, they look at stability and affordability and may require additional information over and above a standard application.

This is only available on our Short Term Leasing Programs and not long term 2/3/4 year leases.

Be Honest

Make sure everything you put in your application is true, our underwriters don’t take favorably to incorrect information about your homeowner status, don’t exaggerate your income and don’t put you living at a property for 3 years, if its not correct. These all get picked up at application status and should the information be incorrect, this will automatically get declined. You may also be reported for providing false information.

Check Your Credit File with a 30 day Free Trial

We’re offering our customers a 30 day free trial to CheckMyFile.com – It allows you to get your credit report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. It will show your history for the last 6 years, enables you to track your balances and helps you to identify any issues.

Click the link to find out more: CheckMyFile.com

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Darren O’Callaghan – Audi A6 Avant

had a few short term car leases from the guys at cacoon. always a fantastic service and never let me down. dont try and be cheap skate by getting your car repaired cheep, they are reasonable on alloy fixs etc

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