Short-Term Car Lease No Credit Checks?

Do we carry out credit checks?

Yes, if you are in the market for a short-term car lease or car subscription then we will carry out a credit check with Transunion and/or Experian. We do not offer “No Credit Check Car Leases.”

But I don't want a credit check

There may be a few reasons why you don’t want a credit check carried out. This may be because you are applying for a mortgage, you may have missed payments in the past, you could have CCJ’s or be a discharged bankrupt or you may have failed businesses.

But a credit check forms an essential part of verifying a consumer or a business customer and helps us comply with FCA (Where applicable) and Anit-money Laundering (AML) laws.

We do carry out credit checks!

We like to be open and honest with all customers from day one and it’s important to tell you that we do carry out credit checks om all customers who want a vehicle, especially our car subscription and short-term car leases.


If you have had payment issues, bad debts or county court judgements in the past, be honest and let us know!

We have a specialist team of underwriters who look at all of our Non-status Car Lease applications on a daily basis. They look at affordability and stability to see if you can afford the vehicle and it’s upkeep. They may require additional information and documents over and above a standard application.

This is only available on our short-term leasing programs and not long-term over 2/3/4 year car leases.

Be Honest

Make sure  everything in your application is true and accurate, our underwriters don’t take favourably to incorrect or fraudulent information, this may be reported if it is considered serious.

Important aspects include:

Any incorrect information will be picked up by our underwriters and may result in an instant decline or even worse, being reported to the relevant authorities or leasing bodies.

Cocoon is not for me...

If you feel that you cannot provide the above information or you don’t worry, it is not an issue. We have provided a button below to take you through to our affiliate partner No Credit Check Car Lease.

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