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Diesel Short-Term Car Lease

Diesel Short-Term Cars

We have a small range of Diesel cars available on our Fixed Short-Term Car Lease programs from Cocoon Vehicles with contract lengths usually between 5 and 18 months with the most popular contacts being either 6-month car leases or 12-month car leases.

Have a look at the vehicles listed below and click on to the vehicles to find more information about the prices and the contract details. With our short-term car leases, delivery on in-stock vehicles is usually between 1-3 weeks depending on the manufacturer.

If you need a car quick and you don’t mind a flexible contract, have a look at our in-stock flexible car leases.

Remember, if you are looking for a car for quick delivery, we highly recommend looking at our Flexible Car Lease options and using the filters to show the “In-Stock” vehicles. 

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