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Road Fund Licence is changing

Road Fund Licence is changing!

Road Fund Licences are changingRoad fund licence is changing and as of the 1st October 2014, you will no longer have to display a tax disc in your windscreen, something that has been done in the UK since 1921.

You now have to register your vehicle for road tax online, this can be done on the DVLA website, on the phone or via a branch of the Post Office. Not only that, but you are now able to pay for your Road Fund Licence monthly (by Direct Debit), 6 monthly or annually.

Should you buy a new vehicle, you now need to register the vehicle straight away in your name, when it comes to selling the vehicle you automatically get a refund of unused months and a separate application no longer needs completing.

The downside is that when selling a used car, you can no longer sell with it the remaining months. But should help combat those who don’t pay their road tax.

Road Fund Licence will be kept in check by the use of the UK network of ANPR cameras, those who do not comply with the system could face a fine of at least £80 and back pay of tax. Those owners who don’t tell the DVLA of a change of keeper, could see a fine of up to £1000.

The new Road Tax rules will save the government and businesses millions each year in admin costs and help deter fraudulent tax discs.

For more information about the new tax disc rules, please see the links below and the DVLA video on YouTube.


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Telegraph News Story of the Death of the Tax Disc

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