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Renault Leading the Way in Electric Vans

Renault have recently added weight to their claim of being the leader when it comes to the manufacturing of electric LCV’s with the recent unveiling of two new plug-in vans.


Firstly, it is expected that Renault will launch the new Kangoo ZE light with an extended battery range in the middle of 2017. The Kangoo will have a range of 168 miles which is a staggering 50% more than the current model can reach but it is also the longest of an electric LCV currently on the road.


It’s also good news when it comes to the time required to charge the vehicle as this has been reduced from 8 hours to just 6. Renault stated that they have added a heat pump to the Kangoo ZE that operates through the air conditioning system without making any significant difference to reducing the range though overworking the electrical components.


Since the Kangoo’s launch in 2011, there have been more than 25,000 sold making it Europe’s best selling electric van for 6 years.


Secondly, Renault are expected to launch the ZE version of its Master large van before the end of 2017 in which they have also brought the EV technology for the first time to the large van market.


The Master ZE is equipped with the same Z.E33(33kWh) battery alongside a R75(57kW) motor as the Kangoo ZE.


Like the Kangoo, the Master can be fully charged within 6 hours and will offer drivers a range of 124 miles.


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