Refresh for Tesla Model S & X

Tesla Model S Refresh 2021

Tesla Model S & X get a refresh

Yesterday, (Wednesday 27th January 2021) as part of the earnings call, Tesla announced a refreshed design for the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X.

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Tesla Model S

External Looks, the Model S has a new front bumper with a different style of air intakes. At the rear, a diffuser has been reshaped.

Tesla offer’s two new styles of Alloy Wheels, in 19 inch and 21 inch designs. The chrome has been deleted and replaced by the black trim as found on the Model Y and the recent refresh of the Tesla Model 3.

White remains the only free option and the colour palette remains the same with the already mentioned Pearl White Multi-Coat, Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic and the amazing Red Multi-Coat.

The interior is where it all changes and has been completely redesigned into something very futuristic. The portrait display has been swapped withy a 17 inch landscape screen much like the Model 3 and Model Y.

The screen behind the steering wheel (which we’ll come to in a minute) has been retained, upgraded and is 12.3 inch in size.

The biggest change in the refreshed Model S has got to be its new steering wheel. Which is more like an aircraft yoke. There are now no stalks and indicators, etc these are now controlled via touch buttons on the wheel/yoke.

The interior has been redesigned with a new centre console offering even more storage space and includes wireless charging for multiple devices. Door cards have also been resculptured offering a few more splashings of its wood trim or carbon fibre.

In the rear, the passengers now have a new style fold down armrest with cupholders. They also gain an 8 inch screen that offers the same infotainment and gaming options as the front display.

The Model S has a tri-zone climate control system, 22 speaker audio system and heated seats on every seat. They have also added ventilated front seats.

The Tesla Model S will be available in three different specs:

  • Long Range from £83,980 (412 mile range est.)
  • Plaid from £110,980 (390 mile range est.)
  • Plaid+ from £130,980 (520+ mile range est.)

Tesla Model X

Similar upgrades to the Tesla Model S, the X has been given a welcome facelift externally, with a fresh new bumper design with inlets and a tweak at the backend.

With its wheels, 2 new beautiful looking wheels starting with the 20″ Cyberstream and the 22″ Turbine Wheels.

The chrome has gone replaced with black finishers as per the recent Tesla Model 3 refresh and the Model Y. Colours are as the Tesla Model S and white is still the free option.

Internally, the Model X is still available in the 5, 6 and 7 seat options with the six seat interior being the most expensive option. Interior colors are All Black, Black and White and Cream.

The steering wheel has again been replaced by the “Tesla Yoke” and the portrait screen is now a 17″ landscape panel with the panel retained behind the wheel.

The redesigned centre console offers additional storage space over the outgoing model and wireless chargers have been added directly under the screen.

In the rear, passengers gain the new 8″ screen with the same gaming options and infotainment features as the front screen.

Three zone climate control system, heated front and 2nd row heated seats and ventiliated front seats adds to the already impressive specification.

The Tesla Model X will be available in the following specs:

  • Dual Motor AWD Long Range from £90,980 (Range 360 mile est.)
  • Tri Motor AWD Plaid from £110,980 (Range 340 mile est.)

Vehicle Options

Apart from changing the wheels, exterior colour and the interior trim, currently the only option you can add to both the refreshed Model S and Model X is the Full Self-Driving Option.

In the UK this is priced at £6,800 and the beauty of the Tesla infastructure, is that you can upgrade to this (at a higher price) at a later date.

On top of the ability to self-drive, which isn’t currently legal in the UK, you gain auto park and summon.

Delivery Times

As it stands as of today, if you were to order either the Tesla Model S or the Model X, you won’t see delivery until 2022. Obviously the USA will be able to get their hands on the Yoke this year.

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