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Gen-3 with Paintseal Direct Ltd

Purchasing or leasing a car is an expensive business and its really important to look after your vehicle, especially if it is a contract hire.

We’ve partnered with Paintseal Direct Ltd to offer our customers 2 of the best products in the business. The products on offer are only available from authorised outlets/dealers and are applied by specialist trained Gen3 technicians.

Products Available

Gen-3 Fusion Teflon​

Exterior & Interior​
£ 349
  • £99 deposit payable on agreeing appointment, balance payable on completion​

Gen-3 Ceramic Glasscoat​

Exterior & Interior​
£ 449
  • £99 deposit payable on agreeing appointment, balance payable on completion​

3 Steps to Protection

Step 1

Its easy to book your vehicle in for a protection treatment. Just click on the “Book Now” Button above, complete the form which takes no longer than 5 minutes.

Step 2

Within 48 hours a member of the team will be in touch to book an appointment to apply your paint protection. You will be asked to pay the £99 deposit.

Step 3

A trained technician will pre-valet your vehicle and then apply the protective coating. You can have this done at your home or your place of work. Once complete, you can pay the balance.

Gen-3 Paint & Protection for your car

When you purchase, finance or lease your car, its going to probably the second highest expense in your house.

Its really important to protect your asset against the likes of environmental damages such as acid rain, ultravliolet light, bird muck, tree sap and pollutant as well as general road and traffic grime.

All of these elements can have damaging effects on your car paintwork including fading, staining and discolouration.

Gen-3 is a professionally applied treatment that fills the microscopic grooves within a paint surface. It creates a glossy, yet invisible protective coating that repels water and only requires a wash and leather to create the ultimate polished apperance.

Gen-3 is available in Teflon or Ceramic Glasscoat.

Why us and not your motor dealer?

As ex-dealership staff, we know that the paint protection sell within car dealerships is a huge money maker and on top of this, it’s not always actually applied to the car by professional people, or at all.

In offering you our alternative, our proud partnership with Paintseal Direct employ highly trained vehicle finishers who apply the industry leading Gen-3 Fusion or Gen-3 Glasscoar Ceramic protection coatings at your home or work place.

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What Happens Next

Your enquiry will fo the the team at PAINTSEAL DIRECT LTD, they will get in touch within 2 working days to make an appointment.

Please ensure you are able to provide off-road parking for your protection to be applied to your vehicle.

The appointment team will require a booking fee of £99 to secure your appointment date.

The balance of the booking is due no later than 24 hours after your paint protection has been applied.

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