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Northern Vehicle Subscriptions on the rise

Car Subscriptions in the Northern Area on the increase

Whilst many of the mainstream Car Subscription service companies concentrate on the Greater London area, due to our presence in the Midlands and in Yorkshire, we’ve seen a huge increase of Car Subscriptions in the Northern area.

The convenience of being able to collect a vehicle from Leeds or Derby, is a huge benefit to employers and employees in the upper part of the UK, who feel that many of the other companies are just priced to high when it comes to delivery.

How does a Car Subscription work?

Its pretty simple to sort out a car subscription with Cocoon Vehicles, you simply choose from the vehicles available on our Car Subscription page on our website.

You then choose the best mileage package to suit you, our packages start from 1,000 with many of the other subscription companies offering a lower mileage allowance.

With Cocoon Vehicles you don’t need to commit to a lengthy minimum term, whats the point in having a car subscription if you have to commit to a 12, 18 or 24 month term to get the best price, when its all about flexibility.

We offer the best prices with just a 28 days commitment!

Once you’ve found the vehicle and agreed to the mileage package, all you then need to do is set-up a credit line with ourselves.

Yes, we carry our credit checks!

We have to carry out a credit check for a number of reasons, but mainly to check your identity and tick the boxes with the FCA.

However, if you are a new start business, an expat or may be you’re classed as non-status, our underwriters can perform an affordability check to see if you are able to go ahead with the car you’d like.

Once you APPLY ONLINE, we will aso ask you for documents and information such as employment details, residential status and a copy of your driving licence and utility bill. Depending on your credit score, our underwriters may ask you for further information.

Credit line in place, now what?

With the credit line in place, we will then send you out an order form and request payment of the initial rental and any other fee’s that we may require.

Once we’ve received this, we will confirm the vehicle and the registration number. We will also give you a date/time for you to collect the vehicle from one of our Northern locations, this would either be Derby or Leeds.

Both of our fleet centres are close to public transport with links to London, Scotland and the Northern area.

Do you deliver?

Yes we can delivery any of our vehicles in the UK, however, on the car subscription we do charge for both delivery and collection.

Can you commit to more than 90 days?

If you can commit to 90 days and require a bit more than the basic 1,000 miles, then take a look at our Flexi-rental options. This does have a documentation fee but includes free delivery. Collection can be arranged at a charge or you can return to the specified de-fleet centre.

Find out more

Find out more about our Car Subscriptions by calling the Cocoon Vehicles team on 01332 290173. You can also complete the ONLINE FORM below and a member of the team will be in touch.

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