Non-Status Contract Hire and Leasing

Non-Status Leasing

We offer a range of non-status car leasing options, utilising our car subscription, flexible car lease and short-term car leases. These offer a great way of running a vehicle for those who may find it difficult to get credit the usual way.

Types of Non-Status

Short-Term Cars & Vans

Utilising our short-term vehicles, we can provide cars and vans to those that fit into the categories above.

Every application is looked on its own merit and our experienced underwriters look at both affordability and stability as part of the credit checking application.

Terms may differ from those advertised, this includes a higher documentation fee of at least: £295.00 + VAT. Security deposit, guarantees and indemnities may also be required depending on your circumstances.

No Credit Check Car Leasing?

No firms should allow you to have a vehicle finance agreement or hire agreement without performing the neccessary checks for FCA compliance and anti-money laundering regulations.

However, many companies offer affordability based agreements.

We carry out credit checks

We carry out credit checks for all of our applications, this includes Expats (These are carried out in your home country). If you are classed as Non-Status, our experienced underwriters will carry out affordability and stability checks.

We use a number of systems to look at your application, so be sure to send us the correct information.

Other Options

Whilst we offer non-status car leasing, for those that want an easier life should consider our affiliates at No Credit Check Car Leasing

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we carry out credit checks. We use these to verify your identity and give us an indication of your credit standing.

If you are classed as non-status, we also look at other documents to support your application to give us an idea of your affordability and stability.

Non-Status car leasing means that you don’t fit the criteria for normal lending via finance houses or leasing companies.

This may be because you are an Expat, you have had previous poor credit or your are a new-start business.

This depends on the progression of your application. Our underwriters will usually carry out a hard check for most applications.

If you are applying as a business and you are a Director, we will carry out a Directors Search which is usually a soft check.

Our team use the following credit reference agencies to carry out credit checks:

  • Experian
  • Transunion

Yes, it is advised that you register yourself on the electoral roll to help suppost your application.

Yes, you will need the correct address on your driving licence and will not be able to deliver your car until we receive this updated document.

You can also be fined up to £1,000 for not updating the address on your driving licence.

If you subscribe to one of the many credit reference agencies and can see your credit score, this is based on an algoritm determined by them.

This may differ from the score that we see on our systems, that is because our system will use a different formula to calculate your score.

If you have been declined by our underwriters, they would suggest looking at your score with the following credit reference agencies:

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • Transunion

Whilst looking at your credit report might not give you all of the answers, our affordability and stability checks will look at the following:

  • Amount of time at the same address
  • Employment history over the last 5 years
  • Failed Businesses as a Director
  • CCJ’s both active and satisfied
  • Income and Expenditure


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