New Car Registrations Rise Again! Cocoon Vehicles

New Car Registrations Rise Again!

May 2016 saw the third month-on-month increase in the amount of new car registrations that have risen.


This is fantastic news for the car industry and for the third consecutive month fleet registrations out numbered sales to private motorists. In May, there were 203,585 cars that were registered of these, 109,471, almost 54%, went to fleets with a further 5,020 classed as business registrations.


May saw a 2.5% increase on registrations on the previous month whilst the demand for diesel cars grew 5% compared to the previous year. Interestingly, petrol models saw a decline of -0.6% whilst there was an uptake of 12.1% in alternatively fuelled vehicles.


It will be interesting to see how these figures develop for the month of June with the EU Referendum being at the forefront of a lot of individuals & businesses’ minds.


With such an increase in new registrations over 2016, Cocoon Vehicles is getting more and more individuals on the road than ever before. We have fantastic offers available on short-term leases, giving you the flexibility to manage your own personal motoring demands.


From the fabulous Fiat 500 to the robust 4X4’s there really is something for everyone. So why not get in touch today and have a chat with the team about your leasing requirements – 01332 290173 or use the form below and we will be in touch as soon as we possibly can.


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