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Is the Tesla Model 3 a great Company Car?

Tesla Model 3 Company Car
Tesla Model 3 Company Car

We have had hundreds of enquiries recently on the Tesla Model 3 with the bulk of these from user-choosers who want to look at the TM3 as their company car.

Since the 6th April 2020, the BIK has dropped to 0% for the tax year when a company car driver chooses a 100% electric car (BEV). On top of this their are also a few incentives that make an electric car a good purchase for a business.

In this article we cover the benefits of having a Tesla Model 3 as a company vehicle and a few other questions that we get asked.

The Tesla Model 3 – Company Car

What features and functionality does the Tesla Model 3 come with?

Depending what model you choose from the Model 3 range will depend on the specification you will receive. But all models have an excellent spread and unlike other manufacturers, some options can be purchased at a later date via the app. For more information, please see the link below.

Does Tesla offer discounts on their Tesla Model 3 range?

No, Tesla like to keep their pricing structure fully transparent and do not offer discounts on their pricing. However, you may be able to get a few additional supercharger miles by purchasing/leasing a Model 3 via a tesla referral link.

How do I charge a Tesla Model 3?

You’ve got a few options on how to charge your Model 3 and we will go into details about Destination Chargers and the Supercharger network below, but your best bet is by having a charger fitted at home and the workplace.

Grants are available depending on the area and your local authorities and chargers can be fitted at a reasonable price. If you live in Derby, take a look at our page on Car Charging in Derby.

What is a Tesla Destination Charger?

A Tesla Destination Charger is usually a 8 to 16kwh charger and usually placed at hotels, golf clubs, resorts, restaurants and other places such as shopping centres.

They provide free charging on the basis that you are using the amenities at the business or accommodation.

Destination charges can be searched for by using the onboard satellite navigation system or via the Tesla App, with the ability to send the directions straight to your car.

What is the Tesla Supercharger Network?

This is where Tesla really are in front of their competiton. The Tesla supercharger network are areas located at places such as motorway services and hotels, where you can charge your Tesla Model 3 quickly and efficiently.

Many of the superchargers in the UK can add enough juice to continue your trip within 30-40 minutes, depending on the weather.

A new series of superchargers called the V3 are also being introduced in the UK, delivering up to 250kWh at its peak.

How much does Supercharging cost?

As it stands today (14th May 2020), Tesla charge 0.24kWh to charge up your Model 3, which is much cheaper than filling up your BMW 3 series. Even if you take into account purchasing a Starbucks, whilst your car is charging.

Make sure you go back to your car once it has charged, as to stop people from parking at its charging bays all day, Tesla have introduced idel fee’s.

Where can I find Superchargers?

Tesla have dotted its Superchargers up and down the UK and in places it feels that are convenient for your trip.

The car is pretty intelligent and if set up correctly, will include a top-up for your planned route on the Sat-Nav.

You can also search for Tesla Superchargers via the Tesla App and send the directions to your car or you can do this on the built in system.

Tesla also produces an interactive map, click the link for details.

How often do I need to service a Tesla Model 3?

Unlike Diesel and Petrol cars, the Tesla Model 3 needs hardly any maintenance as you’ve got no oil to change, the car uses Brake Regen so you don’t use the brakes as much and of course there are no emission checks.

When the car does require maintenance, both the car and the app will inform you and you can book this in easily at your nearest Tesla Service Centre or sometimes they even send someone out to you.

How can I test drive a Tesla Model 3?

You can schedule a test drive online at a time and date to suit you. Occasionally Tesla may also lend you a Tesla to try for a day or more to give the vehicle a proper evaluation.

If you want to see how a Tesla Model 3 will perform over a 3-6 month period, get in touch with the team who can quote you on a short term car lease or long term hire of a Tesla Model 3.

How much company car tax will I pay on a Tesla Model 3 in 2020?

You’ll pay no company car tax at all from the 6th April 2020 on a Tesla Model 3, which is a huge benefit. The business may also qualify for various incentives in introducing a zero emission car to the fleet.

What is a Tesla Referral Code?

A Tesla referral code is a link generated by an owner of a Tesla vehicle such as the Tesla Model 3, Model S or the Model X. It gives both owners an incentive by issuing supercharger miles to both parties.

Once you’ve got a Tesla, and if your employer allows it, make sure that you share and recommend a Tesla and use your referral code.

More information on the Tesla Referral Scheme can be found on the highlighted link.

Where can I get a Tesla Referral Code?

If you need a Tesla Referral Code, simply click on the link below and order your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you are leasing, contract purchasing, outright purchasing or Hire Purchasing. It can gain you some additional supercharger miles.

Tesla Referral Code UK

Interested in a Tesla Model 3?

If you are looking for a Tesla Model 3 either on long term or short term, finance or outright purchase, we can either help you or point you in the right direction.

We’ve got no less than 12 funders available to get you the quote that suits you and/or your business. Just call the team on 01332 290173 or complete the online form below.

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