An investigation by BBC 5 Live has revealed that insurers may increase the premiums for drivers who have opted to attend a speed awareness course after being caught speeding instead of accepting points on their licence. Insurance firm Admiral and its subsidiaries have begun treating speed awareness courses as they were convictions and increasing costs. The company justified its actions by claiming drivers caught speeding were statistically more of a risk and speed awareness courses did not change that.

However, police forces and local councils maintain that attending the courses does not affect insurance premiums, while a spokesperson for the Association of British Insurers told BusinessCar that drivers are not obliged to disclose whether they have attended a course unless they are specifically asked by their insurer. The Association of Chief Police Officers told the BBC that Admiral’s move could be detrimental to road safety, while a spokesperson for driver training firm AA Drivetech said “it’s absolutely clear that such courses reduce the likelihood of re-offending and therefore attendees are less likely to be involved in a crash”.