Businesses and Private individuals can increasingly find themselves unable to obtain credit for Contract Hire, Leasing or even Hire Purchase. This can be down to a number of reasons, including New Start Up Business with no trading results, a company established within 2 years with poor trading figures due to a business startup’s, CCJ’s or adverse credit. Major leasing companies and funders have very strict criteria, there was a time when these big companies would accept just about anyone or anything, but they got stung with massive write off’s and vehicle repossessions. They now like to see positive balance sheets, 3 years worth of payments made on time or even a high credit score that even some millionaires fail to have. Here at Cocoon Vehicles we have been helping Non Status customers since 2007, utilising our Short Term Leasing fleet. This way we can help you stay mobile and get to your day to day job to earn money or as a new business its vitally important to have a reliable and smart vehicle to give the right impression to your new customers. Call us for a chat on 01332 290173 and let's see if you fit the criteria so we can get you in that vehicle you would like. | Cocoon Vehicles Ltd