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Hybrid & Electric Car Leasing

Hybrid & Electric Car Leasing

Hybrid & Electric Car Leasing

If you are looking at lowering your businesses emissions and carbon footprint, we offer a full range of help and solutions in EV and Hybrid leasing and vehicle procurement including a fantastic “Try Before You Buy” service.

We offer all makes and models of Electric Plug-in Hybrid and Hybrid vehicles including Cars and Vans on our long time leasing options and have supplied various companies and individuals with solutions to lowering their CO2 emissions.

So is it time you drive electric?

Electric/Hybrid Car Leasing

We have no less than 12 funders available at our fingertips to find you the best deal on your next Electric or Hybrid vehicle, we scour the market and find the quotes so you don’t have to. We can offer 24, 36 and 48 month terms with 3, 6, 9 or 12 payments upfront.

Want to add maintenance, no issue, just ask our team for a quote for both.

Use our Find A Car Service and let us do the hard work in finding your next car lease deal.

Try Before You Buy Electric and Hybrid Short-Term Car Leases

If you aren’t to sure about committing to a fully electric car or a plug in hybrid, we can offer a try before you by service on a small range of vehicles utilising our short term car leasing and flexirent fleet.

Take the vehicles for a shorter time so you can evaluate their economy, costs and practicability in your fleet, then hand them back and take delivery of either long term solutions or even a purchasing route.

Our flexirent programmes can be taken from 28 days with our best prices at 90 days and over. Our short term car leasing programmes tend to be for 6, 7, 9, 12 and 18 month contracts and are dictated by the manufacturer.

Click the link below to view our latest Hybrid and Electric vehicles on fleet.


Hybrid and Electric Car Leasing

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