How much does it cost to subscribe to a car?

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There are quite a few factors to consider when looking at flexible car subscriptions monthly prices, these include:

There are other things that can affect the overall cost, this useful guide will give you the details of the car subscription service and all of the potencial costs involved.

How do Car Subscriptions Work?

We won’t go into too much detail here as we have already produced quite a comprehensive guide on the following link: Car Subscriptions Explained.

But essentially you are subscribing to a car that you can use for your business or personally. You pay a monthly fee which includes rental, maintenance, servicing, breakdown assistance, manufacturers warranty and road tax.

Vehicles can be taken from one month, but you can unlock the best prices by committing to the minimum qualifying period. It is a great way of taking a vehicle without the long-term commitment of a traditional car lease.

How much are the monthly payments?

If you choose to subscribe to one of our cars, the payments would be slightly higher than traditional car leases but with a car subscription you get flexibility to send the car back when it is no longer required.

On top of this the initial rental is usually the equivilent to 1-month, whereas traditional car leases need a payment equivilent to 3, 6, 9 or even 12-months, not ideal if you haven’t got the money to put down.

The amount you pay every month on a car subscription depends mainly on the make/model and the mileage requirement.

You pay the same amount every month and this will only alter if you need additional miles that you want to bolt-on to the contract. Obviously the more miles you require, the higher the monthly costs, but our subscriptions can work out cheaper on the higher mileage contracts than other subscription providers.

Another key decision to using ourselves for a car subscription is that we advertise monthly billing, this means that you will only ever pay 12 payments per annum. Some other providers offer their subscriptions on a 28 day rate, which means 12 payments per year.

What is included?

Within your monthly subscription payment you get the rental, maintenance and servicing, manufacturers warranty, breakdown assistance and road tax covered for the duration of the contract. All you need to do is provide fully comprehensive car insurance or a fleet policy.

Having the warranty is a huge bonus, should the unfortunate happen and you get a fault with the vehicle, all you need to do is take it to your local car dealer and this will be sorted for free.

What isn't included?

We hate nasty surprises and we’re sure you don’t like them either.

Starting with the basics, insurance isn’t included with our car subscriptions. You must provide a fleet policy or a personal car insurance policy that covers the car on a fully comprehensive basis. You must cover all drivers of the vehicle and you do not have permission to let anyone else drive the vehicle unless fully comprehensive cover is provided.

Accidental damage is not included with the maintenance plan, should you get a puncture you will need to replace it with a like-for-like replacement tyre.

Fuel or electricity isn’t included with the price, whicle this is obvious, it is something to consider when looking at the monthly costs of a vehicle subscription. The bigger the engine/car, the more expensive it is to run.

Admin charges are part of the contract and can be found on our ADVICE OF CHARGES page. These fee’s include applying for a VE103B to take your car subscription vehicle abroad. But fee’s also exist for if you were to receive a parking ticket or if you bounce a Direct Debit.

Will there be any charges at the End of the Contract?

Again, we hate nasty surprises and we set out clearly our RETURN STANDARDS for our short-term car leases and flexible car subscriptions. These all form part of the terms and conditions.

If the vehicle has damage at the end of the contract that falls outside of these conditions, you may be charged. Try to look after the car as much as possible and if you do damage the vehicle, don’t use a back street garage to repair the car, otherwise you may be liable for PREVIOUS POOR REPAIRS.

Don’t forget about your mileage which is also part of your contract with ourselves. One bonus is that if you get 1,000 miles per month with your vehicle and go over in the 1st month, you can pull it back in the 2nd month. All mileage is pro rated, so if you took the vehicle for 90 days and you receive 1,000 miles per month, when the car has been returned you cannot have driven more than 2959 miles. We calculated the mileage as follows:

Monthly Mileage X 12 ÷ 365 X Number of Days

Subscribe or Lease?

This all depends on your personal circumstances, with a traditional car lease you need to commit to 2, 3 or even 4 years. If you want to send the car back you will be hit with an Early Termination Charge.

With a subscription the contract runs until you have finished with the vehicle or when we request it back to sell, even on the latter, we have had vehicles out on the road for 3 years plus so you don’t have to worry about those awkward swapovers.

Subscriptions are also great for those drivers who like to change their vehicles on a more regular basis, whether its the nice feeling of driving a car with the latest plate every 6 months or maybe you like to drive a sporty coupe in the summer and swap it to a premium SUV in the winter.

As a business, vehicle subscriptions provide an assurance that should a member of staff leave, you haven’t got to fund the balance of a unused car lease, great for probation period staff or those on temporary contracts or covering maternity leave.

As with leasing, when you subscribe to a car you will never own it, the funder is the registered keeper. You are paying for the use of the car and non of the payments towards the vehicle will be a payment towards owning it. If you did want to own the vehicle at the end a Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase would be better.

What is the cheapest subscription car?

Costs differ from make to model, car-to-car. With our stock it really does change on an hourly basis and we could have 2 batches of the same car with 2 different prices.

Our websites are designed that you can put the vehicles in an order that suits you; eg. Cheapest to Most Expensive, A to Z. We even offer comprehensive pricelists that can also be filtered.

When looking for the cheapest car subscription, don’t forget that you also need to take into account the costs of your insurance and fueling it. Also if you live in London you may have additional charges to pay out for including the congestion zone and ULEZ.

More Information

If you would like any more information on our car subscriptions or discuss to see if these are suitable for your business or personal preferences, please drop us a line on the ENQUIRY FORM at the bottom of this guide or call the helpful team on 01332 290173.

Rebecca joined the Cocoon Vehicles team in 2018 after running and selling a successful financial services business offering pension, investments and mortgages. Today, Rebeccas goal is to provide the best possible customer service along with news that you will want to read.

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