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How Hay Fever May Mean Facing a Driving Ban

We all know the dangers and the penalties for driving whilst under the influence or either drink or drugs but have you given any thought to the impact of hay fever on your driving?


As the pollen count rises, the suffering of many Briton’s heightens however drivers are now being warned about taking medication whilst intending to drive.


It has been found that many of the tablets that are used to treat hay fever can actually affect hearing, vision as well as reaction times, all of which can lead to accidents whilst behind the wheel.


In the same way that you would think twice if you were taking prescription painkillers, over-the-counter medication is classified under the same drug-driving law is illegal drugs.


Many hay fever treatments leave users prone to drowsiness, sickness and dizziness and should a driver be found to be under the influence of any hay fever medication that is affecting their driving, they may be subject to an unlimited fine or even a minimum one-year driving ban. Should a driver be found to be incapable of driving, the driver could face a prison sentence and a criminal offence which would stay on their driving licence for 11 years.


To avoid the possibility of a ban, the advice is always ask the pharmacist or doctor if the medication could affect your ability to drive, should you experience any side effects, do not attempt to drive and if the medication is liable to make you drowsy, ask if there is an alternative.


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