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Help Ian Sadler with his Papyrus Fund Raising

Ian Sadler, a close friend of Cocoon Vehicles is doing the Rock and Roll Liverpool Marathon in memory of a former Cocoon Vehicles employee, Ryan Nykolyszyn who took his life in October 2012.

Papyrus was founded in 1997 and was formed to help prevent young suicides. It was set up by Jean Kerr and a small number of parents who had lost their children due to suicides. They aim to provide support to both the youngsters and their parents before and after.

Ryan Nykolyszyn worked in the Cocoon Vehicles office as an Office Administrator Manager, unfortunately nobody knows the reason why Ryan took his life but the effects it had on his family and friends was very difficult. Papyrus supported the family by offering them help and guidance throughout their difficult time.

Ian Sadler was one of Ryan’s best friends, this year he decided to take the plunge and do a marathon, after never doing anything like this before.

We wish Ian well and we are using this blog post to push his donation page. Please offer him support, whether the donation is small or large, everything is a bonus for Papyrus.

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