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Ford Brings Back £2000 Car Scrappage Scheme

It was announced last week that Ford has reintroduced the Car Scrappage Scheme.


Ford are now offering up to £2000 off the cost of a new vehicle when they trade is a car that was registered in 2010 or before.


The added benefit of Ford however, over the likes on BMW and Mercedes, is that Ford are offering the scrappage scheme deal on both diesel and petrol models.


Ford has stated that all vehicles that are part-exchanged as part of the deal will be scrapped and therefore having an instant impact on air quality. With the move towards cutting carbon emissions and looking after the planet, this news will be welcomed by many.


The scrappage scheme is also extended to cover commercial vehicles, where owners could see up to £7000 for the scrappage of their existing commercial transit vehicle. Ford are currently the only company that are opening up the offer to commercial vehicles however it is thought that this will be extended throughout other companies in the near future.

New car customers of Ford will be given £2,000 off new Ford models ranging in price from £12,000 to more than £20,000. Ford has stated that by combining the scrappage incentive with other standard Ford offers, customers could look to receive up to £4000 off a new Ford car or £7,000 off the cost of a brand-new van.


The car scrappage scheme is open to any model car that was registered in 2010 or before, against the cost of a new Ford.


It’s a great opportunity to buy a new car and with the move towards being greener, there really is no better time. Unsure what model Ford you’d opt for? Cocoon Vehicles can help! Why not take a Ford model on Short-Term lease and see how you find the car? With lease terms from just 28 days, you could afford to try a few models before finally settling on one that you’d like to invest it. Give us a call today on 01332 290173 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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