I’ve damaged my vehicle, where should I get it repaired?

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Accidents can happen and this is not an issue. It is really important to adhere to your terms and conditions as well as the return standards document when looking gat getting your vehicle repaired.

Insurance Work

If the repair work is going through your insurance, insist that this work is carried out at a manufacturer approved bodyshop and that the work is warranted. You are quite within your rights to insist on where the car or van can be repaired.

Vehicle Repairs

If you are not going through your insurance and wish to have the vehicle repaired and pay for the costs yourself, it is extremely important to have the work carried out at a manufacturer approved bodyshop and they warrant the work.

Failure to do so could result in rectification works due to a poor previous repair, which we do not want. As the hirer you are responsible for the vehicle conditions and liable for any work required to put the vehicle back into the correct order, as well as loss of use.

End of Contract

If you are nearing the end of your contract and you have damage to your vehicle, we would highly recommend letting the vehicle come back and allowing it to be repaired by our suppliers/funders. We find they are extremely reasonable on repair costs and it reduces the risk of being charged for a previous poor repair.

Do you include insurance?

No, none of our short-term vehicles (including Car Subscription) include insurance. It is your responsibility to provide fully comprehensive insurance for the duration of the

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