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No, none of our short-term vehicles (including Car Subscription) include insurance. It is your responsibility to provide fully comprehensive insurance for the duration of the contract.

You can also use your fleet policy if you are a business, please just ensure that the vehicle is listed on the AskMID Insurance Database.

Top Tip:

We recommend that you take out a 12 month policy and then where required cancel early, this can work out considerably cheaper than short-term car insurance policies, even when you take into account cancellation charges levied by the insurance provider.

More Information on Insurance

On any vehicle, fully comprehensive insurance must be provided by the hirer. Fleet policies are acceptable so long as the vehicle is registered on the AskMid Insurance Database and showing as insured.

When purchasing an insurance policy for your flexible vehicle, we recommend taking a 12 month policy, as these can work out much cheaper than a Short Term Insurance provider such as TempCover.

We've recently partnered with QuoteZOne to provide you a great way of comparing car insurance quotes from over 110+ car insurance providers, just click on the following link to get a quote: GET CAR INSURANCE QUOTES.

Other companies that may help you in providing insurance cover include: Admiral, Bell Insurance, Swift and Tesco Insurance. Please visit their website for more information.

Quidco Cashback is a great place to look at comparing insurance quotations.

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