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Fantastic Cars on Subscription with no Limited Commitment Catches!

Car Subscription Service in the UK

If you’re looking for some fantastic cars on a Car Subscription, but you don’t want to be tied into a long length of time you need to keep the vehicle for to get the best price, then you need to take a long hard look at Cocoon Vehicles.

Our Car Subscription service is great value for money and one monthly rental includes the vehicle, maintenance, warranty, breakdown assistance and road fund licence. All you need to worry about is covering the vehicle with fully comprehensive insurance and fuel.

Fantastic Cars, Fantastic Prices

When comparing car subscription prices, its really important to look at all aspects of the costs. Many of the major car subscription companies offer a great headline rate, but when you drill down into the nitty gritty the differences become clear:

  • Is it a new car that the company is supplying?
  • Have you got to commit to a 24 month car subscription to get the best price?
  • Have you got to take their insurance at a high rate, when you are a low risk driver?
  • Does the car subscription offer good customer service?
  • Is 800 miles per month enough (our basic mileage includes 1k per month)?
  • Have you got to pay a one-off joining fee?
  • Have you got to pay a refundable deposit?
  • Do you require a credit check?

Let’s have a look at a few examples:

Example Number 1

Lets imagine that you need a medium sized hatchback possibly for 3 months but could extend to 12 months, you need 1500 miles per month and would prefer the subscription service for flexibility as the car is for a new-start employee.

Car Subscription Company 1:

BMW 118i M Sport Manual – Brand New
Headline rate: £533.00 inc. VAT (Includes 800 miles per month / 19 Month Contract)

Now lets change the parameters to suit the requirements:

Changing the vehicle to the closest mileage of 1,600 miles per month and a booking duration of 3 months, comes out as £922.00 inc. VAT per month.

Additional costs is that if you haven’t used this company before a joining fee of £249.00 inc VAT is applicable. Delivery additional.

Cocoon Vehicles Car Subscription:

BMW 118i M Sport Manual – Brand New
Headline Rate: £598.80 inc VAT (Includes 1000 miles per month/1 Month Minimum Commitment)

Now lets change the parameters of this subscription to suit the requirements:

Changing the mileage to 1,500 miles per month and as the booking duration is based on a minimum of 1 calendar month, no duration needs to be altered. This price comes out as £648.80 inc. VAT per month.

On top of this cost is a refundable deposit of £500.00 (Subject to status) and it can be delivered which is charged extra, like Car Subscription Company No. 1.

The above is correct as of 17th July 2020

Example Number 2:

Looking for a premium SUV for the winter period, possibly 9 months, could extend to 12 months but will quite happily look at fixing into a 24 month car subscription if the price is right. 800 miles per month is plenty as they work from home and use the car to meet clients in a local coffee shop.

Car Subscription Company 2:

Mercedes-Benz GLE 300d AMG Line Premium – Used
Headline Rate: £1049 inc. VAT per month (Includes 800 miles per month/24 Month Contract)

So we’ve already got the prices for 24 months above and this includes the correct mileage and maintenance. We’ll just have a quick look at the 12 month option, just in case this customer decides that 2 years is a little bit too long.

Changing the parameters to 12 month raises the price to £1179.00 inc VAT and this still includes the 800 miles per month.

Cocoon Vehicles Car Subscription:

Mercedes-Benz GLE 300d AMG Line (Non-premium) – Brand New
Headline Rate: £1239.00 inc VAT per month (Includes 1,000 miles per month/1 Month Minimum Commitment)

This vehicle can only stay out for a maximum time period of 12 months and there is no reduction in committing to 12 months, however, you do get a better rate and free delivery when you take the flexi-rent contract over the 12 month.

However, if a 24 month commitment isn’t an issue, then the Find a Car Lease service with Cocoon Vehicles may be a better route.

A traditional contract hire can work out cheaper and if credit status isn’t a problem, this may be the winning quote.

Mercedes-Benz GLE 300d AMG Line 5 Seat – Brand New
Initial Rental: £726.00 inc. VAT
23 Rentals of: £726.00 inc. VAT

10k per annum and maintenance is an optional £46 inc. VAT per month

The only downside is with a 2 year contract hire, is that should you want to return it early, termination charges may apply.

Do you need Flexibility?

If you need flexibility with your vehicles, then don’t tie yourself in, just to get the best price. Weigh up all options and any hidden charges that may apply.

Don’t forget that all lease cars are subject to return standards and those vehicles on Car Subscriptions and Short-Term Car Leases are much stricter than traditional car leases.

Needs some advice on Car Subscriptions?

We’re here to help at Cocoon Vehicles and we want you to take a car that works around you, your business or your lifestyle. If you’d like to discuss Car Subscriptions with ourselves call us on 01332 290173 or complete the ONLINE FORM below.

If you’d like to learn more about Car Subscriptions, click the following link: Car Subscriptions

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