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The Family Friendly Nissan GT-R!

Yes, you read right, a sports car that is family friendly!


The Nissan GT-R may not look like your average family car because it isn’t your average family car. This stunning sports car has been given a nip-tuck by its creators ahead of its 2017 release.


Now we know what you’re thinking, a typical family car means losing the sexy style that goes with carrying the kids around, but in this case Nissan have done exactly the opposite because the new improved GT-R now features enough room in the boot for a pushchair and a load of shopping bags too!


We’re pleased to say that the GT-R has lost none of its splendor since its launch 9 years ago in fact it’s only increased in desirability. With a bit more power, new leather and infotainment this car is everything you could want it to be. A sexy saloon, with loads of boot space and next year’s model will feature a newly slimmed down steering wheel.


But what about performance you ask? They’ve got it covered! The V6, twin-turbo engine gives rise to its 570bhp (20bhp more than the current edition) and a 0-62 in 2.8 seconds means it would leave a Ferrari eating its dust!


There’s a bigger difference in the new model between the ‘R’ and ‘Comfort’ modes and the Active Sound Enhancement creates drama as the car burns fuel and emits through its beautiful titanium exhaust.


You’ll find the gear paddles have been moved from the column to the steering wheel, the brakes are fantastic and the traction is huge! With a top speed of 196mph and 23.9mpg it may not be the most economical family car but it will be a thrill to drive.


So if you’re ready to take the plunge with a family but you’re not quite ready to give up the sports car you’ll find no better compromise than the Nissan GT-R.


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