Expiring Driving Licences to be extended by 7 months

Expiring Driving Licences to be extended by 7 months

Nichola Mallon, Infrastructure Minister has announced that expiring UK Driving Licences will be extended by 7 months due to the current situation with Covid-19.

Driving Licences which are due to expire between the 1st February 2020 and the 31st August 2020 will be treated as valid for another seven months from the expiry date.

This also removes the requirement for a medical assessment, required for some drivers.

Holders will not have to do anything to get the automatic extension and no new driving licences will be issued during this time.

The extension does not apply to Taxi Driving Licences but those Taxi Driver’s that do not have a medical condition to declare, will be able to renew their five-year taxi driver’s licence without a medical report.

More Information on Driving Licences

More information can be found on UK Driving Licences on the highlighted link, this includes information on how to share your driving licence information with hire and leasing companies.

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