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Expat Car Leasing for USA Citizens/Visitors

If you are coming from the USA and looking at working in the UK, then 9 times out of 10 you will need a car to travel. Leasing a car in the UK can prove very difficult which is why we recommend looking at our expat car leasing service.

Since 2007 we have been helping USA citizens and visitors in the UK with their car leasing and subscription requirements, our internal systems mean that you don’t need to have a UK credit history or score to qualify for our service.

Organise before or after you arrive!

If you want to be super organised you can do all the hard work from America by completing an online application form and working alongside our underwriters to get you qualified for a credit line.

You can also do this on arrival in the United Kingdom, which is ideal if you haven’t yet organised a place to live.

Call us from the USA

Due to the popularity of the service, we have a USA based telephone number so that you do not incur any overseas call charges, please use the following number:

+1 (786) 475 4836

Call us from the United Kingdom

Of course, being UK based we’ve got the following number that you can use to call our Derbyshire based offices:

+44 1332 290173

We can help...

Here at Cocoon Vehicles we can help arrange your car lease or subscription as well as providing you information on insurance and driving licence information.

All of our vehicles are based on our short-term services and apart from a documentation fee and/or refundable deposit, do not cost anymore than if you were a UK citizen,

Super easy process...

Over the years we’ve simplified our process, getting a car with us is super easy by using the following steps:

All agreements are subject to status and a refundable deposit will be requested at the time of approval. This can vary from customer to customer and will depend on the contract types.

Type of Contracts Available

The following schemes may be available to you:

Not all of our funders will allow our vehicles to go out to an Expat or US citizen, we will let you know which vehicles are available to you by supplying a reference which you can use on our website to see the cars that you can opt for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, using our short-term products US citizens are able to lease or subscribe to one of our cars.

We will supply you with details on how to qualify for our expat car lease service and the documents required.

Our team are specialists in this field and will guide you step-by-step to get you mobile in the UK with your own car lease or subscription.

As a US citizen, you can apply for one of our car subscriptions even if you do not have any UK credit history.

Car subscriptions are ideal for US visitors as they provide a flexible car lease scheme without the usual tie-ins of a car lease.

Take from 90 days to get the best price and let the subscription roll on until you need to send it back. It also gives you the option to swap your car at anytime.

We do not have an office in the USA as yet, although we do have similar partners who may be able to help if you are going across to the UK.

We do provide a US number that links to our UK office, to keep the call costs down. We can also arrange a telelphone appointment with yourself and utilist technology such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom to discuss your expat car leasing requirements.

Our USA number is +1 786 475 4836

To get a car subscription as a US citizen, you will need to contact a member of our team or complete an application form online to set-up and qualify for a credit line.

The process is very easy and you will work alongside our underwriters to provide information such as UK employment details, US employment history, residential details along with financial records such as bank statements.

As a US Citizen, you will need to supply Cocoon Vehicles’s with information on your history in America.

The amount of information you will provide to us will depend on your personal circumstances but usually entails:

  • Residential Address information for the US
  • Where you will be living in the UK
  • Employment History from the US
  • Who you will be employed by in the UK
  • Financial Information which may include submitting bank statements
  • A UK bank to pay for your car lease or subscription
  • Passport and Driving Licence

Although you can make your initial payment via bank transfer, wire transfer, credit or debit card, all future payments will need to be made via Direct Debit.

Therefore, you will be required to set-up a UK bank to enable us to take payments from your account. If you have not got a bank account yet, we can highly recommend Wise as a stop-gap.

It may also be worth speaking to your US bank to see if they have branches in the UK that can helpo you with your move.

This all depends on which service you opt for:

Our Car Subscription is super flexible, just take the vehicle for the minimum qualifying period and you can roll it on month by month until you no longer need it or the supplier requests it back.

If you opt for a fixed short-term car lease, the length of the contract is quite strict. If you opt for a 12-month car lease, you cannot extend or reduce the term without penalties.

We do also offer special deals on 6 or 12 month cars which are open to US citizens using our expat car lease service.

No, we have made our process super easy so that you can arrange a car lease or vehicle subscription from the US so that it is ready for when you arrive in the UK.

Unfortunately, we do not cover properties at this moment in time.

But we can highly recommend a relocation service called Relocate Relocate.

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