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Electric Charging Points in Derby

Derby Connected LogoMore and more electric charging points are being added in Derby and Derbyshire, we have included a map below of the latest charging sites available.

Electric Charging Points in DerbyFor more information about getting a charging point for your workplace and the grants that may be available please see below. or click the highlighted link to find out more about Connected Derby

How Cocoon Vehicles Can Help?

Flexi-rent Hybrid & Electric Cars

Our Long Term Car Hire programme is ideal for those who need flexibility when trying Hybrid and Electric vehicles in their fleet. Our best prices are from 90 days or more and you can usually keep the majority of the vehicles for up to 12 months, 6 months with some manufacturers.

Find out more at our dedicated webpage: Long Term Hybrid and Electric Car Hire

6-12 Month Hybrid & Electric Cars

We run a range of vehicles on 6-12 month fixed contracts. These vehicles are new or nearly new (usually pre-registered vehicles) and the contracts cannot be reduced or extended without penalties. These are great to get a taster of what a vehicle will be like before committing to long term contract hire and leases.

Find out more at our dedicated listings page: Short Term Hybrid Car Leasing

Electric/Hybrid Car Subscriptions

Car Subscriptions are very popular at the moment, with the ability to pause, upgrade or downgrade at anytime and an all inclusive monthly price, all you need to do is fuel and insure. Its an ideal solution to trying different Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

Find out more on our Car Subscription website: Hybrid and Electric Car Subscriptions

Green Fleet Solutions

Here at Cocoon in Belper, Derbyshire. We offer a wide range of product and services to help you get your fleet greener. Find out more by downloading our PDF leaflet:

Connected Derby – Hybrid and Electric Cars

More Information on Derby Connected

For more information on Grants and Derby Connected, please contact Delia Bower on 01332 641771 or email Delia.Bower@derby.gov.uk – More information can be found at: Connected Derby Website

Electric Charging Point Installation in Derby

If you are looking at getting an electric charging point fitted at your work or home, then we cover a few pointers on why you should fit a EV charging point:

Benefits of a dedicated charging point:

  • Faster charging via dedicated charger
  • More efficient charging
  • More economical charging
  • Much safer than a traditional 3 pin plug charger

Benefits of fitting EV chargers at the work place:

Having an EV charging solution at your work premises can bring with it a few benefits for both employees and even clients, here are a few advantages:

Service enhancements to staff and clients

By having on-site electrcic vehicle charges at your workplace, it can help keep clients/customers and staff members happy by providing a place to charge their PHEV’s or BEV’s (click link for explanation).

Environmental awareness as a business

By haviung electric charging points fitted at your work premises, you are showing your clients and employees that you are committed to improving the environment by enhancing electric vehicle ownership benefits.

Fleet charging efficency

If you have a commercial fleet of electric vans or plugin hybrid vans such as the Ford Transit Custom PHEV, then you can help keep the vehicles on the road and provide a more efficient system of keeping the batteries topped up and ready to do business.

Who can fit Electric Charging Points in Derby?

Whilst there are plenty of companies in Derby that can offer electric charging installation, we highly recommend Manor Electrical Services on Alfreton Road in Derby. Click the highlighted text to find out more.

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The car is good and have just swapped it for a bigger automatic as couldnt get on with manual shift. very good service

Pierre Lebeouf
Rolls Royce – Overseas Worker

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