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Dyson to Make Electric Cars from 2020

It has been announced this week that Dyson are set to launch an electric vehicle from 2020.


The motoring world are excited to see what a company, hugely successful in many of their previous inventions, will bring to the table as they invest £2 billion into the project.


£1 billion is set aside to create the actual vehicle, whilst another eye-watering £1 billion will go into producing the battery.


Although the plan has been announced, Dyson are yet to put together a prototype and even more surprisingly, an actual factory site to begin the work.


At a time when competition is so fierce, so many companies are desperate to be the market leader when it comes to electric vehicles. It’s widely accepted that electric vehicles are the future and so all hands are on deck to bring to the market, the smartest, the fastest, the most sought-after vehicle to the consumer.


Dyson have confirmed that they aren’t looking to target the mass market and that the look of the vehicle would be ‘radical and different’.


The market is growing massively for electric vehicles and there is certainly a race between companies to produce the perfect car. Great news for consumers however is that the more crowded the marketplace, the more likely there are to be great deals on offer.


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