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Cocoon Vehicles - Short Term Car Leasinf Specialists

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Cocoon Vehicles Ltd
The Old Co-operative | 36 Holbrook Road | Belper | Derbyshire | DE56 1PA

Tel: 01332 290173 | Fax: | Email:

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What our customers think
Christopher Roye – Various Short Term Cars
"I honestly can’t remember how many cars I've had from Cocoon over the years, this is testament to how easy they make it to be a customer. I come from and have always worked in a very corporate environment and whilst Cocoon are extremely professional, they come across as a family business that acts in a corporate way. Paul Stone has become a trusted advisor and he’s usually right when it comes to cars, the admin team are efficient and helpful and even the guys that deliver the cars are professional and very friendly. Cocoon are a great little company and I see no reason to ever go elsewhere."
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01332 290173
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