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Common EV Myths

We are all more than aware that when it comes to motoring the future is undoubtedly electric however there are some common misconceptions that surround the electric/hybrid subject and we’re here to put the story straight!


Firstly, over half of all consumers are under the impression that EVs aren’t as powerful as the standard fuel car. For those not in the know, they’ll be interested to know that an electric car can generate and accelerate quicker than a petrol or diesel equivalent.


Another myth is that you can’t drive an electric vehicle on the motorway which is nonsense. Tesla Model S now has the longest range of any electric vehicle on the road and a whopping range of 370. If you’re not in a Tesla, then you’ll be assured to know that Ecotricity has just under 150 public stations at Motorway and A-Road services throughout the country, amounting to around 300 chargers. These facts also disprove the huge belief that you can’t do long journeys in an EV.


Water and Electricity don’t mix therefore you can’t take them out in the rain or through a car wash; this is another myth! Firstly, prior to any cars going on sale, they are heavily tested and the results find that it’s perfectly safe to take an EV through a car wash. The same applies for driving in heavy rain, the chargers are weatherproof and all charging points have also been at the receiving end of strenuous testing and again have been found to be perfectly safe in the wet.


EV car batteries can be changed every ten years with some lasting right up to 20 years. It isn’t true that they have to be replaced every 5 years, and manufacturers also offer extensive warranties to offer piece of mind to those worried about the life of a battery.


Finally, there is a belief by some people that both petrol and diesel cars won’t be banned and that production will carry on as normal going forwards. Although fuel vehicles are still being produced the manufacturers are now adding more and more hybrid and electric vehicles to their offerings. The Government have also stated that new petrol and diesel cars are to be banned by 2040, and all new cars sold at this time will be ‘zero-emission’ in order to tackle air pollution.


So, if you’ve been sceptical about EVs then there’s no better time to look at the potential without the commitment. Cocoon Vehicles have hybrid and electric vehicles available on short-term leases ensuring that you’re not having to make a long-term commitment or having to buy to enjoy the perks. Give the team a call on 01332 290173 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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