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Car of the Year

Since Cocoon Vehicles opened in 2007, we’ve enjoyed sharing our favourite cars of the year, we’ve even done a Top of the Props feature on our blog.

Car of the Year - Short Term Car Lease

In January, the team reflect back on our short term car lease and long term car hire vehicles that have gone out over the previous 12 month period, each of the team has a vote and when the results are in, we ask the members why they think that the vehicle has been popular.

Here are the cars of the year links:

2007 – Mercedes CLS Coupe
2008 – Alfa Romeo Brera
2009 – Range Rover Sport
2010 – BMW X5 M Sport
2011 – VW Golf GT TDi
2012 – VW Golf
2013 – BMW X5
2014 – Fiat 500
2015 – VW Golf GTD
2016 – BMW X5
2017 – VW Golf GTD
2018 – Volvo XC60

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What our customers think
Altitude Internet – Various Short Term Car Leases
Altitude Internet Logo

We have used Cocoon Vehicles for several years now for short term flexible car leasing for Altitude Internet – this allows us to “pick and choose” vehicles as and when we need them without being saddled with long term expensive leasing agreements or cars that are not required.

The service has been excellent, we’ve always been offered a good choice of vehicles and at attractive rates.

We highly recommend Cocoon Vehicles and look forward to a continued long term relationship with them.

Updated 12 March 2019 – we have continued to use Cocoon for short term vehicle leasing and currently have a 1 Series, a 5 Series and an XC60. We have never had an issue with them and would recommend highly for short term leasing needs.

We’ve been hiring vehicles with Cocoon since 2014 which speaks volumes about their service., before, during and after each individual lease. 5 Stars all day long!

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