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Since Cocoon Vehicles opened in 2007, we’ve enjoyed sharing our favourite cars of the year. We’ve even done a Top of the Props feature on our blog.

Every January

Every January when our office re–opens after the extended Christmas & New Year break, we open the biscuit tins, put the kettle on and discuss our most popular cars on our short-term and long-term fleet.

We look at the cars delivered over the previous 12 months and each member of the team has 1 vote to cast for each category. When the results are in we ask the team for feedback on why they chose that model.

Car of the Year Standings

Team Feedback

2007 "Our very first short-term car on fleet, the Mercedes-Benz CLS, delivered to an MD of a joinery business in Nottingham. Amazing car and lovely to drive."

2008 "Alfa Romeo make some fantastic cars but the Brera was beautiful. The 2.4 Diesel engine could really sump up those motorway miles with little effort and even for a Diesel, the car growled."

2009 "The Range Rover Sport has been hugely successful for Land Rover and we've had some amazing specification on the models on our short-term fleet, we can see why they are so popular."

2010 "The BMW X5 has over taken the Range Rover Sport this year, mainly due to availability. BMW really did take a gamble when they invested in the X5 program, but it has paid off."

2011 "Everyones favourite car in the office if the VW Golf GT TDi, we've had both Manual and DSG models over the last 12 months with no cost option between the 2. We all love the Double Clutch Gearbox, amazing piece of engineering."

2012 "VW Golf yet again for 2012. We've generalised the Golf as a whole as we have had GT TDi and the 1.6 TDI SE/Match models go out. We do prefer the 2.0 TDI engine though."

2013 "The BMW X5 has been very popular again in 2013 with the majority of models heading down to London on a flexible car lease. When compared with its competitiors, the X5 is far out front with lots of onboard tech."

2014 "It's surprising to see a small car on our car of the year board. Every mentioned how quirky the Fiat 500 was and how nice it was to drive, even over long distances. It was also our cheapest short-term car lease for the year."

2015 "VW Golf GTD is such an upgrade from the VW Golf GT TDi. With lovely cutting looks stolen from the Golf GTi and an amazing engine, especially when mated with the DSG gearbox."

2016 "Yep, the BMW X5 has made another appearance on the car of the year board. This year saw the model have a refresh and its now even better looking and drives even nicer than before."

2017 "VW Golf GTD yet again makes the chart. A few additional options on the vehicles included upgraded alloy wheels and winter packs which proved very popular with our flexible car subscription customers."

2018 "The Volvo XC60 is an amazingly underated vehicle. Everyone in the team commented on how nice both the D4 and the D5 is to drive. A number of the vehicles went out to a Channel 4 production company who also couldn't get enough of them"

2019 "The BMW 1 Series is a great small car that just stole the crown away from the VW Golf this year. The 116d M Sport and SE have been our most popular models and priced very competitively, especially on our car subscription programs."

2020 "The BMW 1 series has made it again for the second year running as car of the year at Cocoon. We've had hundreds of these delivered up and down the UK, mainly on our flexible car subscriptions. The cars are well specced with Sat Nav and Air Con."

2021 "With the pandemic really hurting vehicle supply, BMW's were still come through as normal. Our most popular car was the BMW 3 Series tourer as the 320i, these were all M Sport models with the Pro packs. Quite a few of these were also delivered locally in the Derbyshire area."

2022 "Electric car subscriptions were super popular in 2021 and due to the availability of a wide range of Mercedes electric vehicles, the EQC SUV came out on top. It is a great car, based on the GLC and our customers love it and so do we."

2023 "BMW are back in the game with the latest BMW X5 SUV. We've driven both the Diesel and the Hybrid models and both are amazing. The curved screen design is excellent and our only niggle is the climate control functions."

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