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Caddy Edition: Lots of equipment for less than a Highline

The Caddy Edition is Volkswagen’s latest attempts at getting us in their van’s. Like we need any encouragement.

The Caddy Edition offers you additional equipment with a price tag thats less than the Highline equivilent.

There will only be 130 Caddy Editions available, based on the better EU5 engine (not EU6) with the economical 1.6 Turbo Diesel 105ps engine, mated nicely with the 5 speed manual gearbox. Automatic transmissions aren’t available at this time.

Each Caddy will be badged as the “Edition” and has the 5″ touch screen digital radio, front fog lights, rear parking sensors and the Climatic air-conditioning. Whilst this model doesn’t come with the heated front windscreen it does gain some beautiful 16″ Fortaleza Alloy Wheels and Metallic Paint.

The Caddy Edition is very economical with manufacturer figures quoting 49.6mpg combined and a 0-62mph of 12.2 seconds. Whislt we know this isn’t a VW Caddy GTD, these little vans feel quick off the mark.

We’ve got some fantastic special offers on the VW Caddy Edition, with additional support from Volkswagen when taken on a Finance Lease, Hire Purchase or Contract Hire over 2 or 3 years.

Of course you can even buy one outright with the extra support we receive, but be quick. As of today we have access to just 27 of these models and people are calling daily to take them off our hands.

We also offer alternative VW Caddy’s on our Short Term Van Leases, for more information please click the highlighted link.

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