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Bentley To Produce Hybrid By 2016

Bentley’s CEO confirms that the first plug-in hybrid Bentley will arrive by 2016, but rules out a diesel model.

Battery-powered Bentleys will become a reality in as little as 3 years, according Bentleys CEO Dr Wolfgang Schreiber. Speaking at the Detroit Motor Show, Schreiber also explained why he saw no reason to produce a diesel model.
Schreiber Stated “To be honest diesel is not really our priority for us – our main markets such as China, USA and the Middle East don’t care about diesel”, then going on to say “it’s only really popular in Europe and not even the whole of Europe, Russia for example isn’t interested”.

“It might actually be too late for diesel now, plug-in hybrids offers even better fuel economy and don’t alienate petrol-only markets”, he explained “We won’t see them for the next three years, but for us a plug-in hybrid is a must”.

Bentley’s star was the new Continental GT Speed Convertible, but another high preformance drop-top could also be on the way. We saw sketches of a mulsanne convertible last August, while a physical prototype was shown to select group at Pebble Beach Concours in California, but there’s been no word on that models progress until now.

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