Benefits of Short-Term Contract Hire

Short-Term Car Lease

Short-term car leasing isn’t a new concept, Cocoon Vehicles has been offering them since 2007.

At Cocoon Vehicles we push for affordable and prestige cars, enabling our customer to drive a better marque at economic prices.

Whilst traditional car leases last for 2/3 years they just aren’t flexible, daily rental offers the flexibility but the costs are enormous.

Short-term car leases sit in the middle and we offer both flexible and fixed options here at Cocoon Vehicles.

Flexible or Fixed

We offer a number of short-term solutions, both for personal and business customers. Depending on your circumstances ans budgets will determine wich option you will go for, but lets have a look at them in a little more detail:

Car Subscriptions

You already subscribe to your software packages, TV streaming services or even makeup, but did you know that you can Subscribe to a car?

Car Subscriptions are a great way of running a flexible vehicle to suit you and your needs. Available from 1 month with the best prices from 90 days plus.

We don’t swap your car on a regular basis like other subscription providers (unless you want to) and all of the motoring essentials are included:

Vehicle subscriptions can be used for a variety of purposes. Maybe your waiting for your brand new car to be delivered, you might have a new member of staff starting work and you need to cover the probationary period. Or simply you might just get bored of your cars quick.

They are also useful for Salary Sacrifice schemes and a great incentive for employers and employees to move away from Grey Fleets.

Flexible Car Leases

Similar to Car Subscriptions, flexible car leases offer vehicles from 1-month with the best prices from 90 days plus.

But with flexible car leases you have a wider range of vehicles, some come with maintenance, some without. But prestige makes and models is always the key in all of the flexible programs we offer.

All vehicles, when taken for the minimum qualifying period, include free delivery in England and Wales, Scotland is chargeable.

Flexible Car Leases also benefit from a higher mileage allowance with vehicles available from 500 up to 6,000 miles per month.

Flexibility really is built in and unlike other short-term providers, you only pay for the time in the vehicle. Returning your vehicle is super easy and we require just 5 working days notice to return the vehicle.

Short-Term Car Leases (Fixed)

If you don’t mind a bit of commitment, then our short-term fixed car leases are available on vehicles usually between 6-12 months, some stretching to 18-months.

These are fixed contracts, so you won’t be able to terminate the contract early without a penalty. They also cannot be extended.

All of the vehicles offered on our short-term contracts are usually brand new or pre-registered vehicles and delivered from a UK dealership via Cocoon Vehicles.

Delivery times for in-stock vehicles is usually 1-3 weeks, so if you do need a car quicker, we’d recommend our Car Subscription or Flexible Car Leases.

Benefits of a Short-Term Solution

Here are some of the major benefits to short-term car leasing agreements:

Of course there are downsides to Short Term Car Leasing, mainly the higher costs. Short Term Car Leasing can be higher than longer term Contract Hire but will be a lot less than a Daily Rental vehicle over the same period.


Brands Available

More Information

If you would like any further information on the short-term contracts that we offer here at Cocoon Vehicles, please contact the team on 01332 290173 or use the ENQUIRY FORM below.

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