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Cocoon Vehicles moved to Belper in January 2018, after being just outside of Derby City Centre since 2008. Our last location in Derby was Haydock Park Road, off Ascot Drive. But we were primarily based on Pride Park.

The majority of our team is now based in our new offices at:

We do still have a couple of members of staff who work remotely.

Cocoon Vehicles in Belper

About Cocoon Vehicles

Cocoon Vehicles is now a family run business, run by Husband and Wife; Rhys & Rebecca Adams. We also have a team of staff who look after fleet administration and accounts.

We set the business up in 2007, with ex-dealership staff who wanted to make a difference in the motoring industry and offer an honest and transparent approach to car leasing, sales and subscriptions. We wanted to avoid the usual sales patter that you’d usually be subjected to at a car showroom.

We’re proud of the upfront and honest approach we offer here at Cocoon Vehicles and we don’t hide any of our charges, believing that our service should be transparent. This is also why we believe that we retain so many of our customers.

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Our Services

We’re proud to offer a wide range of products and services that can save you money when you’re looking at leasing or purchasing your next car. We offer both Cars and Commercial Vehicles and have lots of options available to our clients including:

Flexible Car Subscription

We’re no stranger to Car Subscriptions, having offered these short-term car solutions since 2007. Whilst many manufacturers and businesses, are saying this is a new concept… IT ISN’T!

We’ve got a full page on car subscriptions and what they are, with all of the benefits. But in a nutshell, we give you a brand new car with a monthly payment that covers the rental, maintenance, breakdown assistance, warranty and road fund licence.

You can take the car for a minimum of 1 month and most cars you can keep for up to 12 months without swapping – unlike other car subscription companies.

Find out more about Car Subscriptions using the button below:

Flexible Car Contracts

Some competitors call this Flexi-rental, Flexi-lease or flexible car leases, but it is effectively the same product. But a flexible car lease is effectively a long-term car hire agreement.

Similar to a car subscription but with a wider range of vehicles, this short-term car service is ideal for those who need a car for at least 90 days or more.

Vehicles come with a generous mileage allowance and free delivery in England & Wales when you take it for the minimum qualifying period.

With a credit line in place, in-stock vehicles can be turned around extremely quickly and is a great way to expand your company fleet with ease (reducing is easy to!). The main benefit is that it is flexible with no long-term commitments.

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Short-Term Car Leases (6 to 12 Months)

If you want a car lease but on a short-term basis, and you don’t mind some commitment. Then we offer a range of fixed short-term car leases from 5 months to 12 months.

These are fixed contracts and generally work out more affordable then the flexible contracts such as subscriptions and flexible car leases. But these cannot be extended or reduced in lenght without penalties.

Manufacturers offer us a range of vehicles, which they dictate the term. All vehicles come as is and therefore, you are unable to specify the model. What we try and do is give you a 1, 2, 3 colour choice where available.

Find out more about our short-term car leasing contracts, using the button below:

Business Services

Businesses who run fleets of cars and vans love our short-term solutions. Whether you have a new employee on a probation period, a short-term project or you want an easy way to expand your vehicle fleet without the long-term commitments of leasing or outright purchase.

If you need long-term quotes, no problem. We can help! Just speak to the team to request the quotes.

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Find a Car Lease

You’ll have probably noticed that we don’t advertise long term car leases, this isn’t because we don’t offer them! But with over 12 different funders, as well as manufacturer backed finance companies such a Alphabet, Daimer, PSA and VWFS it can be quite difficult to feed all of these in one place and display the cheapest quotes.

On top of this, it can be quite difficult going from broker-to-broker getting the best contract hire prices and comparing initial rental profiles, mileages and even the vehicles themselves.

So what we’re here to hopefully save you time and money. By completing our online form, that takes no longer than 3 minutes. We can search the market place for you and present you with the best quotes.

Its quic, easy and free. Try it out using the button below:

Commercial Vehicles

We offer a range of flexible or fixed commercial vehicle programs including van subscriptions, short-term van leasing and even flexible vans for couriers.

Van Subscriptions are great for those who need a flexible arrangement. Take the van from 90 days to get the best price and one payment covers the essentials including; rental, maintenance, servicing, warranty, road tax and breakdown assistance.

Short-term van leases are great for those who want a 6 or 12-month van lease with a great mileage allowance. Due to the return standards, these vehicles do not suit all trades, please speak to the team for more information.

If you are a courier and you are looking at expanding your fleet on a flexible basis, we have some great vehicles to help your business deliver.

Use the buttons below to find out more about the products and services we offer:

Salary Sacrifice

Salary Sacrifice is a great way of leasing or subscribing to a car whilst saving money on your Tax and National Insurance, as a business you can save on National Insurance and where applicable, pension contributions.

The employee sacrifices an amount of money out of their salary to pay for a vehicle. The employer takes on the lease and provides the customer with the vehicle.

Its free to set-up and it benefits both sides, read more about it on the button below:

More Information

If you would like any further information about any of the services offered by Cocoon Vehicles in Belper, then please use the following details. You can also use our ONLINE FORM below.

Cocoon Vehicles in Belper
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