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Audi Traffic Light Technology

Audi Traffic Light Technology

Nobody likes getting caught up in traffic lights but good news, Audi are set to make those traffic light waiting games a little more tolerable in the near future.


Currently being rolled out in Las Vegas on selected A4 and Q7 models, the new Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) Traffic Light Information System will provide drivers with a real-time countdown showing how much longer they’ll be remaining at the lights.


Due to be rolled out in Europe in due course this new system from Audi works in partnership with Traffic Technology Services. Audi states that their vehicles will receive real-time signal information from the advanced traffic management system that monitors traffic lights. When the driver of a vehicles arrives at a ‘connected’ traffic light, the car will then provide a countdown on a head-up display via the car’s computer.


Audi believes this new technology will encourage drivers to feel more relaxed and drive in a more controlled way around cities hopefully leading to greater efficiency too.


Audi also suggest that further V2I services will follow in the future with the result most probably leading to autonomous driving.


Whatever the future holds, we feel very excited about it!


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