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Cocoon Vehicles offers a staff discount scheme for all employees of British Airways and International Airlines Group (IAG). This covers all staff including administration, call centre, cabin crew, First Officers and Captains.

Since 2008, we have been providing British Airways employees vehicles on our short term car lease programs and discounts on our contract hire and leasing offers.

British Airways employees will receive a discount in the products and services that Cocoon has to offer, this includes vehicle purchases, contract hire and leasing, persona contract purchase and our short term car leases.

We offer a wide variety of cars on contract hire including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Tesla, Volvo, Volkswagen and more. Delivery in England and Wales is free of charge and is extremely competitive.

If you are looking at a new or nearly new car, then use your British Airways staff discount to get a better deal. We already have a fantastic discount on many makes and models, but get a little extra using your employee perks.

Our Short Term Car Lease schemes are great for those who don’t know how long they need a vehicle for. We offer a flexible and a fixed solution. The flexible car lease runs from just 28 days, you get the best prices at 90 days or more. Fixed contracts can be between 6-12 months, these cannot be extended or reduced without penalties.

British Airways Overseas Workers in the United Kingdom

Cocoon Vehicles is also a main provider for overseas workers coming to the UK on secondment or job placement. With proof of employment from British Airways and a place of residence, we can provide a credit line on our short-term car program or car subscription service.

Overseas workers coming into the UK may find it difficult to obtain credit, however, Cocoon Vehicles offers a lifeline by verifying your employment details with British Airways along with proof of residency, enabling you to stay mobile in one of our short term car leases.

We have provided many British Airways staff with cars on this scheme including Captains and Cabin Crew. We can also offer an Airport Meet & Greet service at all of the major UK airports including London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London City Airports.

Call our specialist team on +44 1332 290173 and let them know that you are going to be working for British Airways in the UK. This service is only available on our short term car lease programs, we may also call this Expat Car Leasing.

British Airways Airbus A318 at London City Airport (LCY)
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Discount Details

Staff Discounts available for employees

We offer many products and services here at Cocoon, all of which can be delivered all over the United Kingdom, the following discounts are available to you

Short Term Car Leases – 6-12 Months

Our 6-12 month contracts are ideal for those who do not want to commit to a longer term contract hire or lease, but please bear in mind that these cannot be extended or reduced without penalites. As an employee you will receive the following discounts on a short term car lease

  • £50.00 off your Documentation Fee
  • £75.00 Referral Voucher for both you and the referred customer

Find out more by clicking the highlighted link: 6-12 Month Short Term Car Leases

Flexible Car Contracts

Our flexible long-term car rental programs are ideal for those on secondment, or you don’t know how long you may need a vehicle for. You can take the vehicle for a minimum of 28 days, but our best prices are available to those who take a car for 90/180 days or more. Works out much cheaper than Daily Rental. SOme of our competitors call these type of contracts flexi-rent, flexi-lease or flexible car lease.

  • £50.00 off your Documentation Fee
  • £75.00 Referral Voucher for both you and the referred customer

Find out more by clicking the highlighted link: Flexible Car Lease

Car Subscriptions

The new buzz word for flexible leasing is Car Subscriptions. One rental covers all of the motoring essentials including rental, routine maintenance, manufacturers warranty, 24hr breakdown assistance and road fund licence. All you need to do is provide fully comprehensive insurance and fuel/electric.

  • £50.00 off your Documentation Fee
  • £75.00 Referral Voucher for both you and the referred customer

Find out more by clicking the highlighted link: Car Subscription

Contract Hire and Leasing Discounts & Offers

We offer a wide range of personal contract hire and leasing deals, from all major car manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen. We also have no less than 12 different funders as well as the manufacturer backed finance companies such as Alphabet, MBFS and VWFS. We offer the following discounts on contract hire offers

  • No Processing Fee on any of our Contract Hires
  • Free Delivery in England & Wales

Find out more by clicking the highlighted link: Find a Car Lease

Car Purchasing and Financing Discounts

We offer a full suite of dealership options through Cocoon Vehicles, why order from a dealer when we can offer the same products and services on new and nearly new cars and vans. We also offer a range of ex-fleet cars available to purchase.

  • No processing fee on any of our vehicles.
  • Extra £250 off new and nearly new vehicles.
  • Competitive rates on Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase and other Financing Schemes.

Find out more by clicking the highlighted link: Contact Cocoon about New and Nearly New Cars

Flexible Salary Sacrifice Schemes

Salary Sacrifice schemes can offer savings for both the employer and employee, and using our flexible car subscriptions gives you the ability to change your car on a more regular basis. Sacrifice part of your salary to fund the vehicle and you save money on National Insurance and your PAYE.

Speak to your HR department and send them the details of Cocoon Vehicles to get started.

Find out more by clicking the highlighted link: Flexible Salary Sacrifice Schemes

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