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Return Request

Request to return your short term car

Please complete the form below to request to terminate your car hire or if you are at the end of a fixed short term car lease.

We require at least 5 working days to arrange a return or a collection and the vehicle must be returned to the specified de-fleet centre.

Collection is chargeable and a quote will be provided upon return and receipt of the return request form below. You can return the car to the specified de-fleet centre FREE OF CHARGE.

If you are having a replacement vehicle, we will collect your old vehicle FREE OF CHARGE at the same time as delivering the new one.

Please wait until you receive confirmation from Cocoon Vehicles before making any arrangements, we will confirm the date of the collection, times will be available on the day. Should the collection fall on a Friday or over the weekend, the car will not be off hired until the next working day. Unless the car is subject to a minimum term contract.

Should you be subject to a minimum term contract and this has gone over, then you will be charged for the additional days. If you have returned the car before the minimum term, you will be liable to the balance of the remaining contract as set out in your terms and conditions.

By clicking the return request submission button below, I accept all of the conditions as laid out above and within the original contract. I understand that this form is time/date stamped and my IP will be collected.

** – Collection is chargeable, a price will be provided at the time of confirmation.

*** Weekend collection maybe available on request at an additional charge, although the vehicle will not be off hired until the next working day.

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What our customers think
Annabell Silva – Expat Car Lease
Renault Clio Hatchback - Short Term Car Lease I had just arrived in the UK, and needed a car for work and was struggling to lease one due to having no credit history. Found Cocoon Vehicles online, gave them a call and Paul Stone was absolutely amazing! He said there would be no problem and there was no problem 🙂 I received my car on the date and hour requested and I am so happy with it. Thank-you again for everything!
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