Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will supply my short term leased vehicle?

We have a number of Short Term Leasing vehicle suppliers which offer various makes and models. For more information about our business partners, please click on the highlighted link.

Will my new short term lease vehicle come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our short term leased cars and vans come with manufacturers warranty.

What is the initial payment/deposit?

The initial payment varies depending on which vehicle supplier our vehicle comes from. The majority of the suppliers work on 1 payment in advance, documentation charge and the equivalent to 1 payment held as a refundable deposit. Delivery charges may apply also. Terms and deposits may differ if you do not meet the requirements of the credit assessment and/or you are a non-status customer

Does my short term lease rental include insurance?

Vehicles advertised on our website do not include insurance. There are only a few suppliers who can offer this, for more details please call us. We can recommend a couple of car and van insurance companies, who can offer a short term product to suit you. For more information please click on the highlighted link.

Can I put a personal number plate on the car?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the Short Term Leasing product, it is not possible to put Personalised/Cherished plates on our vehicles.

How will my payments be collected?

The majority of the suppliers will only accept Direct Debit payments. Large companies who meet the strict criteria maybe eligible for Cheque/BACS payments although a administration charge maybe payable. Apex vehicles may require a credit card authorisation form to be completed to make the payments.

What happens if the car is accident damaged, to the point of being written off by the insurance company? Am I liable for any shortfall in value?

Your insurance company usually negotiates with the supplier or leasing company directly. Different companies have varying policies.

Can I specify options on the vehicles?

Due to the way our suppliers bulk purchase there vehicles, it isn’t possible to request options. Although every now and then a few of the vehicle do have a higher specification or options not usually found on a particular model. These can be requested upon enquiry and a different price maybe applicable.

My circumstances have changed and I now need to amend the agreed mileage part way through a contract. Can I do this?

Yes, it is always best to contact us sooner than later. As during the contract we can negotiate a better deal, than leaving it until the end of the contract. Excess mileage charges are usually higher on a Short Term Leased vehicle.

What our customers think
Altitude Internet Customer Service

We have used Cocoon Vehicles for several years now for short term flexible car leasing for Altitude Internet – this allows us to “pick and choose” vehicles as and when we need them without being saddled with long term expensive leasing agreements or cars that are not required.

The service has been excellent, we’ve always been offered a good choice of vehicles and at attractive rates.

We highly recommend Cocoon Vehicles and look forward to a continued long term relationship with them.

Altitude Internet Customer Service
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