Flexible Short Term Vehicle Contracts

Flexible Leasing

Do you wish Contract Hire and Leasing could be more Flexible?

Then Short Term Leasing Ltd has the product for you. With vehicles available from just 28 Days and our best prices when you take the vehicle for 90 days or more. Our service can work around you and be as flexible as you need it to.

So what do we mean by Flexible Leasing?

Exactly what it says ‘on the tin’ – Flexible! You can take your initial vehicle out and as long as you keep it for the a 90 day minimum qualifying period, you can then change it for another* and change the mileage for your next. As long as we receive 28 days notice after the minimum rental period it can be quite flexible. If you do change your vehicle you do need to keep the next for another 90 day period, but you may request to have a higher mileage allowance as your work may take you to a new destination.

Some of our customers do get bored with there vehicles very quickly and like to swap it. Some businesses like the idea of the Flexible contracts as employees come and go, or they may want to try trial a new member of staff. You may have a car on order with long lead times and need a Short Term Leased vehicle as a stop gap.

For more information on our flexible short term contracts, please call us on 01332 290173.

* – Documentation Fee/Delivery Costs maybe payable to swap the vehicles.

Car Subscription Flexibility

Have you ever considered a Car Subscription? A car subscription is a service where you can subscribe to the use of a vehicle with the added flexibility of being able to upgrade, downgrade or pause at anytime after the first 28 days.

Find out more: Car Subscriptions

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