Benefits of Short Term Leasing

Benefits of Short Term Contract Hire

Short Term Car Leasing isn’t a new concept, but rarely seen without having a large rental to go with it. At Cocoon we push affordable and prestige vehicles that we run on our Short Term Car Leasing fleet.

Whilst most Contract Hire and Leasing deals tend to last for 2 to 3 years, and the costs of Daily Rental Vehicles over longer periods can prove quite costly. Short Term Car Leasing fits the gap in the middle.

benefits to short term contract hire

Most Short Term Car Leasing contracts start from 3 months and can be as long as 12 months, with the option to change your car every 3 months (subject to Documentation and Delivery Fee’s). We always say that it works very similar to a Mobile Phone contact, you choose your car (handset), then choose the monthly mileage (minutes) and then the term of the contract.

As a traditional lease, the rental is worked out by calculating the difference between the value of the car at the start of the contract and then what the car will be worth at the de-fleet date. We ask you to work out your mileage as accurately as possible as the excess mileage charges tend to be hire than a 2 or 3 year lease.

There is a minimum period to have the vehicle, usually 3 Months (actually calculated as 3 x 28 day periods), if you wish to terminate your vehicle at the end of this period, you must do so 30 days beforehand. If no notice is given then the contract is carried on until we receive such notice.

When the vehicle is returned, the car is checked over for any damage. Fair, Wear and Tear guides are available but it is very rare that these are applicable to the vehicle due to the shortness of a contract.

Benefits to using Short Term Car Leasing:

  • We regularly update our vehicles (dependent on supplier), with most vehicles being no older than 24 months.
  • We tend to supply prestige brands such as Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes and VW as these hold their prices, which results in competitive rentals
  • We can offer flexible leases to fit in with you, either as a stop gap, to replace a main or company car or even if you are waiting for a new vehicle to be delivered… Just as the team
  • On the majority of the vehicles, maintenance is included which will cover for all of the services and tyres (except accidental damage or punctures). This is ideal if you regularly do high mileage.
  • Flexible mileage allowance is available with some vehicles available with up to 6,000 miles per month.
  • Those people or businesses with poor credit or CCJ’s, have a better chance of getting a credit line on Short Term Leases. We access your affordability and can offer alternative terms.
  • FIXED COST MOTORING -The main benefit to Short Term Car Leasing, you know exactly how much your vehicle will cost you with no worries on maintenance, servicing or Road Fund Licence. All you need to do is provide insurance and fuel.

Of course there are downsides to Short Term Car Leasing, mainly the higher costs. Short Term Car Leasing can be higher than longer term Contract Hire but will be a lot less than a Daily Rental vehicle over the same period.

Contact us about Short Term Contract Hire

Call the Short Term Sales team on 01332 290173 or complete the form below to find out more on how short term car leases can work for you and your business.


Examples of Short Term Car Leases

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What our customers think
OfficeCare East Midlands – Mercedes GLA on Flexi-rent

We needed a nice new car on a short term lease. It proved so complicated, then we rang Cocoon Vehicles. The took our details and arranged a meeting for the next day. The same day we had a selection of vehicles to choose from what met our budget. We chose a car and signed the docs digitally (this makes it so simple) and took delivery 48 hours after our first meeting. Thats what I call amazing service. They can also source outright vehicle purchases.

I would recommend Cocoon to anyone looking for any type of car, either short term / long term hire or direct purchase. Support a local Derbyshire company and get a great service.

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